two nation theory

Two nation theory was presented almost 80 years ago, that was the actual basis of creation of Pakistan and India in 1947. The countries are known as the biggest rivals since then and their issues have not resolved till yet.

What is in the new law?

Recently, India has passed a controversial law, according to which non-Muslim citizens of other three Muslim countries will be given citizenship in case of religious oppression.

Since the law is passed, a new wave of clashes have erupted across India. The protests have started in the capital city of Delhi as well. Assam was the first place where the protest initiated and it spread across the state.

Police are stopping these protestors from riots who are torching buses and blocking roads. In the last five days of riots, more than five people have been killed.

In the West Bengal, the highways were blocked while curfew was imposed in Assam. The foreign travelers are advised to be cautious while traveling to India.

Why is it a biased law?

According to this law, all of those immigrants who are non- Muslims and have entered India illegally will be given citizenship. The law is passed for Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.

BJP has reasoned that this law will facilitate those who are seeking religious protection in India while facing oppression in their homelands.

Many offices have shown their concern over this law and regarded it as discrimination against Muslims. Not only local citizens, but celebrities are recording their protest over this issue. However, on the other hand, the government says that Muslims are not the minority in India, therefore, they cannot get affected by this rule.

Current situation

The two nation theory or citizenship law has erupted another debate across the world. Rallies are occurring all over India in the cities of Assam, Mangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Lucknow, etc.

Jama Masjid in Delhi is shut down along with the routes towards it while the metro stations are also barred from operating.

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