Strike in style at winter wedding with gorgeous color outfits

Deciding what to wear in winter weddings is always a challenging task for ladies. As compared to winters, summer gives you more space to wear anything you wish to. While in winters, all you want is to curl up, have coffee, read books or watch movies.

With the right fashion ideas, you can actually turn your fear of cold and appear in the prettiest look. Velvets, long sleeves, feline gowns, cocktail dresses, heavy embroidery dresses and match them with jewels and pearls for extravagance.

Here are the some of the ideas for you to wear at any winter wedding and being called the best-looking women of the gathering:

Golden maxi dress

Golden is usually very sparkling, but choosing the right shade means you can turn it into a catchy thing.  With this gold maxi, the matching accessories are small earrings, a headband to adjust in your bun or open hairs, same golden sandals with normal heel and beaded clutch.

Pink for the lady:

Pink never goes out of fashion and can go along at any event. For winter wedding, a pink long gown with the pink clutch and floral high heels will add more style to your appearance. To complete the look, just wear simple earrings and a big ring of the pink diamond.


Sapphire blue for the night

Sapphire blue is an elegant color and we will recommend you to wear this color on this winter night so you could have an impact on your surroundings. To keep the essence of blue, harmonize it with the silver. A silver clutch and high heel sandals with minimum jewelry like earrings, a ring, and a bangle.


Green glam perfection

Dark colors are the yes-thing for winter evenings and when it is about showing some glamour, then forest green is the color to go for. With the correct mix and match, you can actually make many heads turn towards you. A plain simple long gown with stone earrings, the emerald ring, and bangle are enough for the accessories. Whereas, pump look heels with the golden clutch will be the absolute match. Apply rosy pink lipstick to sum up your winter wedding look.

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