Literary analysis of themes in Frankenstein

When we look at the literary analysis of themes in Frankenstein, the subjects of isolation, revenge, and nature seems very obvious. In the overall Mary Shelley’s novel, tragedy, murder, and sorrow is widely present. Literary analysis of themes in Frankenstein Here are some of the themes from Frankenstein: Isolation There are various characters can be observed in the novel who […]

Literary Movement of Theatre of the Absurd

The literary movement of Theatre of the Absurd is a type of drama that accentuates the absurdity of the existence of human by exercising incoherent, repetitive, and irrelevant dialogues, illogical and bewildering circumstances while the plot has no genuine or reasonable growth. This theatre portrays the world as an unintelligible place that spectators are watching without taking much understanding of […]

Job Opportunities of the Week

There are a number of employers seeking potential candidates for job opportunities. All it takes to reach each other and get clicked. Here are some of the latest openings around the town that might benefit someone: Nestle Pakistan has opened its Management Trainee Program called LEAD Program. The position is seeking freshly passed graduates who have completed their degree in […]

Twitter and Instagram accounts of Facebook got hacked

On the evening of 7th February 2020, the Twitter and Instagram accounts of Facebook were hacked by the group of hackers called OurMine. We are often told by social media websites to enter strict password securities that are unreachable by any other person. Wonder what measures were picked by Facebook when deciding their Twitter and Instagram passwords. Not only that […]

George Clooney is a possessive ‘Family Man’ now

George Clooney was never that touchy about his loved ones than he is now! Yes, the 56 years superstar lashed down the French magazine over printing the pictures of his wife along with their newborn twins. The Voici magazine might face legal suit by Clooney as he mentioned in his recent statement. The star wants to ensure absolute privacy and […]

Things to be careful with when painting furniture

While attempting DIY tutorials, there are many hurdles that you face even if you are exceptionally careful. Painting furniture is equally problematic because there are always chips, peels and other issues with the paint. There are numerous DIY tutorials present on the internet with whom you can paint your tables, chairs, consoles, mirrors, etc. only if you have memorized these few […]

Bright in your porch in summers with these DIY ideas

After a hectic day of summer, we all want our evenings to be relaxing with no disturbance around. They say that surroundings play a major role when you try to relax your mind and body. Nothing comes first in mind than your bedroom, but why stays indoors when you have a whole patio to calm yourself. This is why; we […]

What is season 7 of Game of Thrones kicking off with?

Time is running fast indeed as we are already going to have 7th season of Game of Thrones here. Although the most popular TV show is known for keeping the details undercover, the highlights of main events in the first 3 episodes are somehow out. According to some peek-a-boo released by HBO, there are some interesting incidents coming up for […]