Who is there not waiting for Valentine’s Day every year? Even if they do not have a valentine, people still have an interest in this day of love. You must have seen a number of tips, tricks, and ideas telling you what to and how to plan for your V- day. But, hey! Nobody tells us how to behave and what to do on this day.

It is crucial to know that you must be aware of how to attend your loved one and how to behave with him or her. To ease your dilemma, we have compiled a list of things- not- to- do on Valentine’s Day.

Make-up for your partner

Remember that your partner is expecting a lot on 14th February and you have to fulfill it for him or her. Right when the whole world is exchanging flowers and hearts, you cannot leave him or her tempting for it. Make sure you will not leave them feeling insecure.

Roses are not mandatory

Roses are mandatory for Valentine’s Day, but you can try something different and go for flowers liked by your love. It is very common that everyone carries the same rose, but your partner might be looking forward to some other color of the flower. Bring their favorite flower that could be lily, daffodil, tulips, etc.

No lavish gifts

We know you want to gift best to your partner, but giving some extravagant gifts can put him or her into an uneasy position. He or she might not be able to present you with an equally lavish gift and you can avoid any embarrassed or disappointing situation. It is good to speak to them before deciding on for the day so that you both can enjoy.

Do not be late

It is your day when you will be showing your feelings and emotions to the one you love. Thus, not being late is the most important point that you need to keep in mind. Do not work extra or plan any meeting after 5 pm. make yourself available before your date time so that you could decide what to wear, how to appear, and what to talk about.

No Ring thing!

If you have no intentions of getting married any sooner, then DO NOT present your loved one with a ring gift. This will only end up disappointing them that you would definitely not want. The most common perception we get from the ring gift is that the other person wants to propose us or live with us their whole life. Do not ruin your Valentine’s Day with such stunt.

Man surprising woman with engagement ring at restaurant table

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