Nagaland declared independence from India

Present in the north east region of India, #Nagaland has announced its separation from the country and appeared as an individual country itself.

One of the well known activist organisations of Nagaland named The Naga Students Federation announced the independence on a day prior India’s 73rd freedom day by waving the flag of Nagaland in Myanmar’s regions and in the north east states.

It was a proper Declaration of Independence as they have their own national anthem and capital city of Kohima.

India got to know about this news as an official notification was issued on social media by the Federal Government of Nagaland. The flag has a blue background with tricolour stripe and a star. In the notification, it is written that the flag was first hoisted in 1956 on 22nd March.

The journey of Nagaland’s freedom is very old and long one since the times of World War II that is known by very few of the world’s population. The geographical location of Nagaland has Assam on its west and north while on the west, there is Burma newly Myanmar. In the earlier days, it was made a prohibited and undeveloped area as an Assam’s district. Nagas wanted to have it as their independent country rom Indian influence since it was granted the status of state in 1963. There had been armed conflicts between Nagas and Indians for the free state that resulted in a ceasefire in the 1990s.

The timings of declaring Nagaland’s independence also consists of greater importance as it is on the 14th August 2019 that is the same date of Pakistan’s independence day.

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