Marked as an Introvert? These business ideas are just for you!

An introvert is a person that is usually defined as the one who is lost in his/her own self and is too shy towards taking a lead. Well, that is partially true. We might not be the social animals as all of you are, but we are no lesser innovative like any of you extrovert.

The fact is introverts are stronger with their thoughts and achievements. They might not much into speaking or socializing, but they are more into knowledge gathering through reading and listening to others. It does not mean every time that introverts are losing any opportunity anywhere rather they still have so much in hand.

Here, we have extracted some of the business ideas exclusively for the introverts that can be kicked off with very limited capital.


Online retailer:

Being an online retailer means you can work anytime you want. You can choose to be a fashion retailer that requires you to just brainstorm about what is new and what is not. There are many websites that offer you to sell your accessories or unwanted clothes when you do not want them or if you are dealing with new ones.

To start the business up, all you would need is a camera and computer. Take pictures of your stuff, upload on any of the websites, give them a description and start receiving orders.


All you need is a computer for being a blogger and some creativity of a writer. There are many websites nowadays that can create free blogs for you. First, you need to ensure that what sort of blog you want to have and what is your favorite topic to write about.

For developing relationships with other marketers in the industry, you first need to blog free for others. Once, your connection list has grown, you can quote prices for your write-ups.

Music Teacher

Have you always been a music-savvy? It is the time to turn it into your profession. All you need is some musical instruments and your own transport. You can either give private lessons or teach music online by staying at home. If you have a degree in music, then it will be a plus point.

Having private students will help you in creating their own syllabus as per their objectives. For the introvert jobs, this one is pretty ideal according to their deep thinking and concentration level.

senior piano teacher with young girl student

Online tuition provider

If you are good with giving tuitions, then becoming an online tutor is an idea for you. You can offer assistance to other students along with enhancing your knowledge as well. You can offer tuition as per your academic qualification or for some specific subject.

With the communication mediums like Skype, email or live chat, it has become pretty easier for introverts to work just by staying at home.

You can either charge per hour or per session, moreover, adding SAT in your qualification will automatically increase your charges.

Thus, you see that how feasible it is for introverts these days to have a job by utilizing all their introvert qualities.

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