Book Review – In the Company of Strangers

I was on my reading spree of classics, when I came across In the Company of Strangers. I picked the novel because I wanted to read something distinctive and geographically relatable. Though, this book offered more than that. About the Author Awais Khan is a Lahore based consultant and writer. He polished his writing skills with the Creative Writing course […]

Literature review of title of Dolls House

In the literature review of title of Dolls House represents the message of women’s place in a male society, that Ibsen has intended to pass on to his readers via play. It is indeed a symbolically noteworthy title. While looking at it closely, it has two symbols in it, one is a doll and the other one is the house. […]

Greek Chorus in Pakistani Literature poem, Snow

Alamgir Hashmi is a prominent name in Pakistani literature. His poems focus on traditions, cultural aspect, and revolves around old times. Snow is one of his well known poem that is rich, psychologically and in imagination. In the poem ‘Snow’, the poet has mentioned the allusion of Greek chorus, which is an entire topic in itself with the significance in […]

Literary Movement of Theatre of the Absurd

The literary movement of Theatre of the Absurd is a type of drama that accentuates the absurdity of the existence of human by exercising incoherent, repetitive, and irrelevant dialogues, illogical and bewildering circumstances while the plot has no genuine or reasonable growth. This theatre portrays the world as an unintelligible place that spectators are watching without taking much understanding of […]

Partition Diaries: Literature Analysis of Cracking India

When we perform the literature analysis of Cracking India, we understand that it is the gist of the entire novel. Partition of the subcontinent has been an extremely dreadful topic for its inhabitants. Around 2 million people lost their lives during this unruly wish of the separate land. The differences in culture, religious practices, living styles and the language were […]

Contributions and Literature Life of John Ruskin

When we talk about literature life of John Ruskin, we know that he was a natural painter, art critic, stylist of prose, architecture, and most importantly, a polemical writer of prose, John Ruskin was a change maker in social and cultural terms. He was born in London on 8th February, 1819. Early Life of John Ruskin Being an only child, […]

On Literature – The Evolution of Literature English Book

The end of literature or literature English book is at hand, but despite of that it will survive all the historical and technological changes. The presence of new media has involved the doubt that the importance of the printed book has diminished. Printed books, newspaper, magazine, etc are the part of western literature and the western style democracies. Although the […]