Literary analysis of themes in Frankenstein

When we look at the literary analysis of themes in Frankenstein, the subjects of isolation, revenge, and nature seems very obvious. In the overall Mary Shelley’s novel, tragedy, murder, and sorrow is widely present. Literary analysis of themes in Frankenstein Here are some of the themes from Frankenstein: Isolation There are various characters can be observed in the novel who […]

Literary Movement of Theatre of the Absurd

The literary movement of Theatre of the Absurd is a type of drama that accentuates the absurdity of the existence of human by exercising incoherent, repetitive, and irrelevant dialogues, illogical and bewildering circumstances while the plot has no genuine or reasonable growth. This theatre portrays the world as an unintelligible place that spectators are watching without taking much understanding of […]

Job Opportunities of the Week

There are a number of employers seeking potential candidates for job opportunities. All it takes to reach each other and get clicked. Here are some of the latest openings around the town that might benefit someone: Nestle Pakistan has opened its Management Trainee Program called LEAD Program. The position is seeking freshly passed graduates who have completed their degree in […]

Twitter and Instagram accounts of Facebook got hacked

On the evening of 7th February 2020, the Twitter and Instagram accounts of Facebook were hacked by the group of hackers called OurMine. We are often told by social media websites to enter strict password securities that are unreachable by any other person. Wonder what measures were picked by Facebook when deciding their Twitter and Instagram passwords. Not only that […]

Literary Analysis of Pygmalion from Feminism lens

Feminism The literary analysis of Pygmalion from Feminism lens requires to know about the definition of this literary theory first. Feminism deals with the social and political movements along with the ideologies.  It deals with the objective to explain, form, and attain the economical, political, and social equalities. Feminist literary criticism utilizes the belief and philosophy of feminism to assess […]

Sidney defense against the allegation of Gosson in Apology for Poetry

In the essay of ‘Apology for Poetry’, Phillip Sidney has defended the accusation by Stephen Gosson. Stephen has made these allegations in the School of Abuse. Sidney has addressed the grievances of Gosson with an absolute logic and intellectual way. The utmost opposition that Gosson made is that there are other prolific skills that man can avail. He said that […]

Book Review – In the Company of Strangers

I was on my reading spree of classics, when I came across In the Company of Strangers. I picked the novel because I wanted to read something distinctive and geographically relatable. Though, this book offered more than that. About the Author Awais Khan is a Lahore based consultant and writer. He polished his writing skills with the Creative Writing course […]

Literature Analysis of The Unknown Citizen

Beginning Lines The Unknown Citizen begins with the epigraph that seems like some tombstone, on which there is no name. There were not any other personal details were given. Instead, there is a number that is usually given to soldiers during the war who sacrifice lives for their nation. Maybe, this is why, the person was called “An Unknown Citizen”. […]

Stuart Mill Idea of Freedom of Thought

What is Freedom of Thought? Stuart Mill Idea of Freedom of thought relies on the fundamental that it is the autonomy that any individual possesses while expressing his point of view or ideas, regardless of the other’s point of view. Stuart Mill Idea of Freedom of Thought Mill is focused on the issue that no matter how distinctive or unusual […]