How to stay protected from COVID-19: Make your hand sanitizer at home


Make your own hand sanitizer at home to protect yourself from COVID-19. There is no doubt that washing hands and keeping social distance are the key measures. This issue spread via human contacting each other and it increases when you do not curb it through carefully. Hand sanitizers are used to kill viruses and bacteria when hand washing is not available. Due to the increase in this pandemic, the demand and supply of sanitizers are halted. Therefore, you must take these ingredients and make your own product at home, but with all safeguards.


These hand sanitizer recipes can be used by professionals while observing all the safety deterrents and precise ratio of ingredients. These sanitizers must not be used on the skin of children due to sensitivity.

Elements to use:

Though you need some very basic elements in making the hand sanitizer at home, but their quantity must be appropriate.

  • For killing the germs, you need Isopropyl Alcohol.
  • Get a market available or fresh from the gardens Aloe Vera Gel.
  • Use essential oils for the fragrance.
  • Hand gloves for not burning out your hands.

 With these three fundamental ingredients, it is so easy to manufacture your own sanitizer and use it in extreme conditions. These can be availed feasibly from local pharmacist and could be present at your home too.

  • Take the two-third of isopropyl alcohol.
  • One-third quantity of aloe vera gel.
  • 9 to 10 drops of essential oil.

Now mix these ingredients in a plastic bowl.

Do not use isopropyl alcohol alone in your hand or it will burn your skin. Mixing it with aloe vera gel means that it will soothe down its stingy feature and the gel will act as a moisturizer.

For putting this mixture in a plastic bottle, you need a funnel. Distribute the mixture into several bottles to carry with you.

If you have applied this sanitizer, you need to wash your hand at least with the water before going near the fear or stove. Isopropyl alcohol can catch the fire, which could be harmful to you. The proper portions of these ingredients above can secure you from any harm. If the sanitizer can be bought from the market, then avoid making a hand sanitizer at home.

Still, we would prefer you to wash hands more when at home or when you return home from a public place. 20 seconds of handwashing is recommended by the WHO.

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