George Clooney is a possessive ‘Family Man’ now

George Clooney was never that touchy about his loved ones than he is now!

Yes, the 56 years superstar lashed down the French magazine over printing the pictures of his wife along with their newborn twins. The Voici magazine might face legal suit by Clooney as he mentioned in his recent statement. The star wants to ensure absolute privacy and security of his kids.

According to the sources, Amal and George are thoroughly enjoying being with their kids and at home. After having children, George has turned into a protective father who will keep his children’s life normal and secured as much as he can.

The couple is currently staying in Italy, Como and will get back to the UK after summers. Whereas, their plans of moving to the US are still unknown.

Back on June 6, Amal gave birth to the twins named Alexander and Ella, while their pictures have not been made public till yet.

The French magazine has responded to the Clooney’s intention of suing them with a reply that they both are public figures and those pictures were published as per demand.

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