Game of Thrones is back on screen with its prequel as House of the Dragon

House of the Dragon

House of the Dragon

Half of the world is crazy about Game of Thrones and what can be the news for them than having their favorite show’s prequel back.

The new series will adapt from the book Fire and Blood, written by the same George R.R Martin. This book is mainly about Argeon Targaryen’s efforts to take over Westeros.

The new series will be called House of the Dragon that will tell about Targaryen bloodline which is 300 years before the Thrones actually happened. Although there is no decided release date, the prequel will have 10 episodes. House of the Dragon will aired on HBO, for sure. Since it confirmed that this series will aired on TV. It will be the first prequel out of the fives that HBO is pitching currently.

It has been guessed that the story of House of the Dragon will start from the noticeable event called Doom of Valyria. Valyria was the neighbor area of Westeros that was destroyed within a day by a gruesome volcano and earthquake. The outcome of this catastrophic event also led to the die out of many dragons.

While this event was occurring, the Targaryen’s House appeared to be untouched. The dragons of Targaryen House were also saved and got more of the powers after it. In this series, it will also be about disputes with other groups while Targaryen will be rising.

It is most likely that the series will go as per the original story of Fire and Blood. If it is so, then it will awake the civil war amongst the Targaryens over the throne. This dispute will know as the Dance of the Dragons.

Despite the fact that we all know what is going to happen as per the novel, the curiosity of watching this series on-screen is another level.

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