Everyone has waited for Rihanna’s beauty line with immense anticipation and as soon as the launch occurred, the beauty bloggers, makeup companies went crazy with uttering their reviews out. She has developed these makeup products with the assistance of developer Kendo Brands who call it sort of a challenge for both of them. Here, we have also presented this Fenty Beauty Review for your assistance.

What makes Rihanna’s brand distinctive from others?

The fact that makes Fenty Beauty line distinctive from other beauty brands out there is that it is a collection of all the skin type in all the regions, globally. Means, this is not limited to one shade of people only. No matter what your shade like, Fenty has it for you in its collection. We believe that it is very thoughtful from Rihanna.

What is in her entire collection?

The elements of her makeup collection are comprised of one primer, one universal matte powder, two makeup brushes, one universal lip gloss, a foundation with 40 shades, three make up brushes that are portable, a makeup sponge, countering stick of 20 shades in matte and blotting paper.

Other than her being thoughtful about the shade range, she has also kept it very economical as well. You can get the products within the price range of $18 to $54, which makes it feasible for her normal buyer also.

Are the beauty formulae good enough?

As per the first testers, the beauty formulae of Fenty Beauty Products are high-end. They are not dripping creamy or thick on your skin rather they are bendable and light on the skin. Same for the powder products as they have the velvety effect plus they are pleasant against your skin too.

As per our Fenty Beauty Review, if you have a stubborn oily or combination skin, then these foundations will work well for you. They are matte and do not make your T-zone going greasy throughout the day.

What her sticks collection comes up with?

The sticks collection contains 10 shimmer sticks and 20 matte shades that are ideal for highlights, eyeshadow, contouring and concealing. The colors are what you would dream to have for your modern look.

The testers loved the glittering shimmers which make you shinning like a star. Also in the matching sticks, some of the shades made makeup artists going crazy for and declared them the hit. If you check the colors closely and mix n matches them, you will realize that they can be used for daily makeup use without looking so extravagant. We believe that this is what any successful makeup line is made up of.


Words about Universal Lip Gloss

Since Fenty Beauty has only singly Universal Lip Gloss named Rihanna Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer. The name is pretty catchy while the application is also what we loved the most. The gloss is not greasy at all, which means you get a perfect feel on your lips. The shade is so neutral that suits everyone. You can also use it over some lipstick. The gloss has turned out to be a massive hit on the makeup websites that people are giving full stars to.

We think it is a good thing that you release something one and of high quality instead of many things and compromise on the quality.

The lip gloss cost $18 only!

The multi-purpose foundation brush

The brush does not have an only purpose of applying foundation, but you can use it for much other stuff. You can use it for concealer, foundation, highlighters and even for the contorting. The design and shape of the brush make it possible for the user to do so many things with it easily.

The brush could be bought for $34.

Final words

There is no exaggeration in saying that Fenty Beauty has delivered what we expected out of it. The products are skin friendly and the quality is satisfactory, which is impressive. Therefore, if you are planning to invest in some makeup brand in upcoming days, then Fenty Beauty is the one to go for without a second thought.

Hope you liked our Fenty B

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