Exquisite Beaches to visit in France

France is the important geographical and economic hub of Europe. Tourism is one of its strongest points that keep it attractive for the rest of the world.

Not only Eifel Tower is the monument of attraction for the tourists, but its striking beaches are the must visit if you love the sea.

Deauville Beach

The beach became the center of attraction when Coco Chanel first opened her outlet there in 1913. The modish and stylish outfits totally matched the beach’s environment. This turned out to be the image of this classy Deauville and the designer, both.

Porquerolles Island

Ille de Porquerolles is a dreamy beach area with no cars, thus, making it most suitable for those who are seeking for stress and the tech free environment. On the distance of five miles from the southern French coast, this beach is the perfect spot for a time out and cycling.

Ile de Re

With the ceramic sand and clear waters, Ile de Re is situated in the Bay of Biscay, the western coast of France. The soft colored houses in front of the beach give it a more scenic view and you will love walking on the flat beach. The locals call it the “White Island” because of its white sand.

Paloma Beach

Paloma beach is deemed to be the beach for influential. Movie stars, business tycoons, fashion designers and anyone who can afford loves to visits this beach. Situated at the Saint- Jean- Cap- Ferrat nearby the city of Nice, this picturesque seashore is named after the daughter of renowned artist Pablo Picasso. You have to walk down from the narrow staircase and the heavenly view of sea welcomes you.

Prado beaches

The city of Marseille is the second biggest city of France with the gorgeous shores. There are three beaches called Prado, which are best to visit if you want quick break with your family. With the blue waters and long sandy beach, the Prado beaches are the best picnic stops.


Les Calanques de Cassis

More than for swimming, the beach is well known for its view. The teal colored water in the middle of limestone rocks, this beach is a wonder of nature. Calanques is not the only beach there, but you can find more like these stunning beaches in Mediterranean.


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