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Literary Analysis of Encounter with the Sirens as an epic poem

Encounter with the Sirens as an epic poem is an outstanding work by Alamgir Hashmi in English Poetry guides. As per its definition, Epic poetry is a lengthy, descriptive poem, which is mostly related to the heroic actions.

encounter with the sirens as an epic poem

Taufiq Rafat, The Ezra Pound of Pakistan

When discussing that notion of Taufiq Rafat, the Ezra Pound of Pakistan, there are several aspects of his poetry revolves in mind. Taufiq Raffat has undoubtedly established the English Poetry in Pakistan with his observations and creative style. Due to his efforts in introducing the Pakistani Idioms, a number of intellectuals and writers have regarded him as the Ezra Pound of Pakistani literature. (Hussain, J. Taufiq Rafat – The Ezra Pound of Pakistan)


English Poetry Guides: Literary Analysis of Because I could not Stop for Death

 Emily Dickinson was an American poetess and this poem is one of her most celebrated poems. In the literary analysis of Because I could not Stop for Death, the poetess describes that death comes o her as a gentleman who seems kind in nature. The poem was written in 1863 and is one of the most famous poems of Emily Dickinson. 


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