Some unfortunate news came up from the Disney that the very young actor Cameron Boyce has passed away.

The 20 years old actor is famous for his roles in various Disney tv shows such as Grown Ups, Good Luck Charlie, Grown Ups 2, Austin & Ally, Shake it up, etc.

The cause of death is said to be a brain mishap as told by the family members & even though, the medical aid rushed to his place, but could not sustain the departed soul.

Boyce’ family told that the treatment was underway for his this condition, but unfortunately some attack occurred during sleep that turned out to be life taking.

Indeed it is a big loss for everyone who has been associated with Boyce in any way.

The promising actor made his debut at the age of 11 on the Disney channel. He got his major break from the Jessie in which he played the role of Luke. The show was air for 4 seasons.

These days, Cameron was involved in shooting of Mrs Fletcher, HBO’s upcoming show.

Cameron was also a part of Descendants’ movie and television show that played a big part in his short but successful acting career.

Currently, the family is in deep sorrow and have requested privacy during this hard time.

We wish them courage and patience and stands strong along.

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