How To: 7 Spring season gardening tips for your home garden


The spring season is here and it is the time that you reform your garden from the winter’s harshness with these 7 spring season gardening tips. It is so lucky that spring season allows us to have numerous fruits and flowers’ plants. Also, it is a good time for plants to grow and embrace a lot of sunlight.

You do not need to have something hi-tech to improvise your garden. With the home supplies, you can easily work in your garden and start working. With these simple gardening tips, you can turn your home garden into a lush green and sparkling place to sit relax in the summer evenings.

Tidy up your garden

Winters have just passed, thus, there would be a lot of weeds and dry leaves around. Now is the time to clean everything out and remove snow, outgrown branches, etc from your garden. Make sure that you pull weeds from roots so that they will not grow back.

Refresh the soil

Winter season sucks out moisture from everything, therefore, your garden’s soil is not feeling well too. To make it working and breathe again, we need to shuffle it so that the fresh soil could come on the surface. After that, add some compost in it so that its tendency could increase and it will be good for the plant’s nutrients necessity. Fertilizers are always a good idea for your garden’s soil.

Shape your plants

For the winter plants, you must wait till April or May so that they could be trimmed correctly. Plants for summer must be trimmed in the early days of spring so that they could grow nicely throughout the summer time. You can also wait for the plants or trees to fill again with leaves and then shape them.

Add in organic matter

Add in an adequate amount of mulch or organic matter in your plants so that they will keep the amount of moisture, keep away the diseases, and uphold the temperature of the plants. But make sure that you do not dump them over the roots or they will rot. The best way is to keep it away from the roots of up to a few inches.

Grow in new plants

When all of the plants and shrubs are done with cleaning, picking, and trimming, it is the time that you add new plants in your garden. Some of the spring plants are:

  • Redbuds
  • Lettuce
  • Arugula
  • Tulips
  • Lilac
  • Pansies

Paint in your garden furniture

Wash your garden furniture either with a power washer or scrub brush, simply. Once they are washed, put them in the air to wash. You should also coat furniture with paint or spray paint. Paint them funky to add colors in your garden.

Feed the bird

Make a place in any corner of the garden for feeding the birds. It is therapeutic to see them fly around and enjoy the bowls. You must keep water along with the feeding bowl so that birds could get fresh in this hot and humid season.

With these 7 spring season gardening tips, you can convert the home garden into a pretty sight that will soothe your mind and soul. With all the ongoing chaos around and lockdown, it is the best time of the year to stay indoors and do something useful.

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