mr. bleaney

Mr Bleaney is written by Philip Larkins in 1955. The summary of Mr. Bleaney gives an overview of the contents and story of the poem. 

About the Poet 

Larkin was born in 1922 in Coventry, England. He completed his BA degree from St. John’s College where he was friends with Kingsley Amis. Later, he chose the profession of Librarian and worked as one for his entire career. Apart from poetry, he has written many critical essays, novels, and reviews. 

Larkin was not much into getting limelight, though, he was known as the England’s other Poet Laureate. He was also the post-war favourite poet.

Summary of Mr. Bleaney 

Mr. Bleaney has come to rent a room, and the landlady tells him that before him there is a man lived named Mr. Bleaney. During his employment in a car manufacturing company,  Mr. Bleaney has lived here for the whole time until his death or maybe he was transferred. The car company’s name was The Bodies. The curtains on the windows were short and scruffy with floral prints. 

From the window, there is a yard with grass trudge and trash all over. According to the landlady, it was a ‘garden’ that is maintained by Bleaney. The contents of room were a straight chair, a feeble bulb, a bed, a door with no attached hook neither a space to keep your belongings and books. The speaker decides to rent this room and informs landlady that he will take it. 

The speaker is using the same bed that was once Bleaney. He is also lying in that bed and smoking while crushing cigarette butts in the same dirty saucer used by Bleaney once. The speaker also put cotton in his ears to lessen the radio sound just like Bleaney. This radio once belonged to Bleaney and he forced landlady to buy it from him.

The speaker is learning all the habits of Mr. Bleaney, for instance, he come downstairs at the same time as Bleaney’s and prefers to have sauce  instead of gravy. He was also gambling on soccer just like Bleaney. 

Speaker in the poem also gets to know about the yearly routine of Mr. Bleaney due to which these habits take place. Such as, in summers he was with his friends at Frinton-on-sea. Whereas, on Christmas, he spend time with his sister in Stoke-on-Trent.

Now speaker is thinking about his other schedule like if he used to watch out of the window when the weather was cold. Was he lying on this mouldy bed and act as if this room worth living and was he smiling while  shuddering in his cold bed?

While living there, the speaker was also wondering if Bleaney have any idea that the way we live, it tells so much about our own personality. Mr. Bleaney was an old man and he has spent his whole time living in this small shabby room. Is it all that he has earned in his entire life.

These are some of the questions that he does not know about Mr. Bleaney.

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