literary analysis of the great gatsby chapter 2

Literary analysis of The Great Gatsby is about getting an insight into one of the most spectacular novels from the 20s. This novel by F. Scott. Fitzgerald did not get specific importance as it received after many years of its publication. 

About Author 

F. Scott. Fitzgerald was born in 1896 and died in 1940. He was a short story writer, essayist, novelist, and screenwriter. Scott was a dropout from Princeton University. His notable works are The Great Gatsby, Tender is the Night, Six tales of the Jazz Age, and The side of paradise. 

Literary Analysis of The Great Gatsby: Chapter 2 

There is a place called Waste Land in between New York City and West Egg. All the ashes from the city go for dumping in this area and they cover everything plus everyone in that area. Men living in the wasteland are also hidden under this ash. In this “Valley of Ashes”, there is a big billboard where Doctor T. J. Eckleburg, who is not in practicing anymore, his spectacled eyes are watching everything in the Valley of Ashes. 

People living in the Valley of Ashes are the ones who could not made fortune during Roaring Twenties. The dust in this valley is the one that Nick has called “foul dust” and it manipulated Gatsby. The eyes of Eckelburg are the witness of all this darkness around and what was wasted in the past of the 1920s. 

Tom and Nick were going to New York City from the Long Island by train when they stopped at Valley of Ashes station. He asks Nick to accompany him. Nick was going after him while Tom led him to the garage of George Wilson. Nick gets to know that Myrtle Wilson is Tom’s mistress actually. Wilson is not that bad looking, though, but the circumstances of life made him lifeless and battered with hairs full of ashes. On the contrary, Myrtle is vivacious and kind of seductive. Tom discussed some car selling to Wilson. Wilson goes to pick some chairs for them when Tom tells Myrtle to meet him at the train station down there. 

Here, when Tom who is a person with old money, actually exploits the no money people. There is a difference of perspective between Myrtle and Wilson by the way they look at the world around them. Wilson is powerless and frustrated with the dreams which could not get destination. Whereas Myrtle has the urge of becoming a part of the world which she cannot be a part of, but she desperately wants to be a part of it. Her way out from no money is by taking Tom’s hand. 

Party in NYC

An apartment in New York owned by Tom is the place where he goes on with all his side affairs. After a while, Catherine also joined them. Catherine was Myrtle’s sister who came up at the apartment with the other couple.  At the party, everybody is drunk badly even Nick was not in his senses. Nick calls it that it was the second time he fell so much drunk. 

Such drunken state of the party shows that how Roaring Twenties were desperate for the fun in life. it appeared as if getting drunk was the only highest level of fun they could afford at that time. 

While talking on various other topics, the discussion eventually turned out to Gatsby who is Nick’s neighbor. Myrtle’s sister, Catherine reveals that she feels scared of Gatsby because she has heard that he might be a relative of Kaiser Wilhelm who is a German Emperor. All of the party participants agreed that Gatsby is part of some devious business. Rumors are building around Gatsby, all because of his wealth. At the same time, it is very mysterious as well because none of such a trail is visible which proves his wealth. 

At the party, Myrtle starts boozing too much till she becomes excessively loud. When Tom gifted him a puppy, she began a discussion on Daisy. Tom warned him about not using Daisy’s name in any conversation. She did not give ear to Tom’s warning and continued teasing him by calling Daisy! Daisy! Tom gets furious and punched Myrtle on nose, which breaks her nose. Party neds abbruptly and Nick ride on train back to home, alone. The way Tom treats Myrtle shows that how he actually thinks low of her. It is a brutal side of his upper class upbringing. If he is showing it some sort of loyal action to Daisy, then it is cheating at he same time. 


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