literary analysis of norwegian wood chapter 9

Literary analysis of Norwegian Wood Chapter 9    

 Nagasawa talked harshly about Toru when he felt that he might be losing against him. But, also, he accepted that whatever Toru has said, it is entirely true. 

Midori is out of scene from the life of Toru. She comes back now and acts just like before. She still has that cherishing feeling about Toru. 

Furthermore, Midori once again described about her blundering sexuality to avoid sentiments. She was in pain over her boyfriend’s attitude in Nara. Naoko again chose to tell this story in a most funny way. She is being honest and open about her feelings, but again hiding something inside. 

While they were moving from here to there together, there was something strange going on inside Midori. She was continuously suppressing her feelings with the help of drinking and talking about sex. Midori drinks overly and falls asleep in the public toilet. She is still not able to go to home and face the truth.

When they got home, Midori is again not showing any sign of deep devotion or grief towards her father’s picture. She acts silly and crack jokes. Her attraction towards Toru is the reason that Midori has to struggle a lot in order to hide her pain while Toru can do it effortlessly. 

Toru care deeply for Midori, but he is also known to the fact that he must not get himself serious with her. He even avoids sleeping with her. Being with Midori means that he will be out of his old addicted attitude and cheating on Naoko. 

Toru received a birthday gift from Naoko and Reiko. Her letter gave him hint that something weird is going on under covers. She is disturbed over hearing Kizuki’s voice in the forest, which is surely a sign of something strange coming up. It might be a call of death for Naoko and her deteriorating mental health. 

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