norwegian wood chapter 8 analysis

Norwegian Wood: Chapter 8 analysis 

Toru feels like witnessing another failed relationship of Nagasawa and Hatsumi. He had enough with Naoko and Midori, which turned out to be disturbing for him. He was simply not in the position to be a part of one more. 

However, in their relationship. Hatsumi is well aware that Nagasawa sleeps with other women. It is really out of the line when he tells her about them or share jokes on those experiences. 

Nagasawa and Hatsumi have got their rules for the relationship, but she does not seem much glad about them. She wants to end these rules and limit Nagasawa to love her only. She puts question on Toru if he likes being with other girls and demands Nagasawa to change himself. 

When Hatsumi sees that Nagasawa is not going to change, she uses a tactic of making him jealous. It worked out and Nagasawa felt that maybe Toru and Hatsumi could get along. He mentioned about Toru’s coldness towards any relationship. This was a surprising moment, which shows that Nagasawa is much aware of his fellows’ attitudes. 

When Toru was alone with Hatsumi, some of the feelings stirred inside him. He felt sexually attracted towards her, but she trusted him to accompany her. This made him resist such feelings and he got to understand them in later years.

Toru viewed the childhood longing on the face of Hatsumi while traveling in taxi. Those emotions were so visible on her face that his own sentiments for togetherness, comfort, and relieve woke up. Later, when Toru received news of her death, he was thrilled by the existential dilemma that death and life are part of each other and not opposite. 

Toru thought about the time when he and Hatsumi played a pool game on the night when they last saw each other. After all those years when he was thinking about that, he could relate the same night when he and Kizuki played pool. Kizuki died the very next day after that last play. 

At Hatsumi’s home, she asked for his advice about her relationship and he solved the situation without any issue. It is funny that he is unable to solve his own personal problems. 

Toru observed that Hatsumi is certain about her love for Nagasawa. Even though, they both are in a complicated relation, but she is well informed about her feelings. Whereas, Toru is not even declaring his feelings either for Midori or Naoko. 

Toru finally moving forwards 

When doing Norwegian Wood Chapter 8 analysis, we see that Toru is finally getting over the grief. There is a sense of guilt within Toru that he has moved with the death of Kizuki. He and Naoko has made it sort of ritual that with the sorrow, they are sort of honoring Kizuki. This way, they are able to avoid the real world and lost in the mourning of Kizuki. Toru concludes that the more he is thinking about past, he will never be able to move in his future. 

Naoko and Toru has hardly discussed about their emotions when they lost Kizuki. They do not communicate their sorrow for such important person. After that, he has come across Hatsumi and Midori, he is realizing that he must move forward. 

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