norwegian wood chapter 7

Literary analysis of Norwegian Wood: Chapter 7

In this Chapter Toru is still hiding his life details with Midori, whereas, she does not hesitate in telling all the happenings of her life to him. This aspect shows that their relation is not balance with each other when Midori is so open and Toru is in a distant phase. 

Although, Toru seems still unable to share his life events with Midori, he accepts that Midori’s vibrant attitude and approach makes him feel alive. The way Midori expresses her sexual desires, Toru is entirely opposite with his desires living inside him. 

Midori is never hesitate about discussing the topic of sex and seek interest in other’s sexual life as well. On the other hand, Toru and Naoko do not share much about their sexual necessities. Even after getting sexually connected, they did not bring the subject up. However, Midori does not feel any hesitation in doing so. 

So far we have seen that Midori is so open about her life and fantasies, but she is also hiding many things. For instance, for some time, she kept on hiding that her father is at hospital. When she told reality to Toru, she seems fine with it. According to her it was just a lie not for some ill purpose. 

Midori is a strong person 

In this forward passages of Norwegian Wood Chapter 7, we get to see that Midori has an elder who can take care of the matters. But still, Midori is the one who has to look after his father and his bookshop. Midori is going through the emotional stress of seeing her father leaving life gradually. 

Midori is going through the roughest patch of her life, but still she stays positive, vibrant, and filled with maddening energy. She considers her father as a man who has tried his best to live life with absolute intensity. 

She also has shakky feelings regarding Toru’s involvement with anyone else. To lighten up Toru’s mood and connect with him, she always make guesses about his personal life or sexual questions. 

When they reach hospital, Toru sees that Midori is aware of her tasks and knows everyone around. She does that to keep herself relax when she is attending her father. Midori’s capability of doing so is a necessary for her survival, which is a skill that Toru and Naoko are lacking of.

Toru observes that Midori is not only meeting her duties towards her father, but also working extra in order to keep herself busy. He ask Midori to take walk for while as he sits with her father and attends him. 

In the hospital, when feeling for Midori intensifies, Toru began to think about Naoko in the same way as he is used to. 

When Mr Kobayashi wakes up, Toru had a warm hearted conversation with him. He wanted to ease up the man and begin to talk about his own problems. Toru started talking about Euripidean tragedy in which he was actually applying it to his own love triangle. He says that he is sort of trapped in this. 

Toru takes good care of Mr Kobayashi and gets him to eat food other than from his usual diet. Kobayashi seems to be trusting him and wants to speak, but he is unable to. 

On their way back, Midori tells Toru about the time when she ran away from home and his father came to fetch her. Though, it was a sweet loving incident, but they all went through many sentimental roller coaster that day. Here, it shows that other than Toru, people around him also revisit their past and cherish or sulk over it in order to move within their presents. 

Lonely Toru 

Days passed after their meeting and Midori’s father died. She stopped himf rom attending funeral or meet her. Later, she called to meet him one day and again her continuous pattern of diverting pain by talking about sex all the time resumes. She is the kind of character who is always appearing optimistic and calm, even though, she is killing from inside. 

It is seen that when he is not with Midori, he goes back to his thinking for Naoko. He writes to her or her thoughts goes back to her. It is because he is a bit scared of facing with the reality. In letters to Naoko, he tells her that he is enjoying his life here, but it is a reverse reality. His Sundays are all isolated with Naoko and Midori.  


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