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 About the novel 

The literary analysis of  novel Norwegian Wood is not just limited to explain what is been said. Rather, this novel offers more from between the lines. 

The story is set in the era of 19602 when Japan was facing the call for revolution and change in social scene. 

Students at Toru Watanabe ( protagonist) are also protesting to abolish the privileged university system. They wanted to get rid of the capitalism structure which is exploiting and destroying students in every possible way. During all this chaos Toru is busy in his own self. The novel express that how ones intense grief could isolate them and detached from the changing surroundings. 

Literary analysis of novel Norwegian Wood: Chapter 5

Naoko’s letters are beginning to arrive from Sanatorium. Though, it is the place that does not contain much positivity for its habitant, but she sounded in high-spirits. Her letters reflect that she is doing pretty well there and her chances of getting better are high. She is recognizing her errors in life and learning to be herself. She also told in her letters that her emotions for Toru are still there and he is present in her heart. 

Naoko’s description of Ami Hostel sounds like of it is some sort of tussle between those who are alive and those who are feeling dead. The location of the sanatorium is far away from the city life and in-between thick forests. The extra calming atmosphere of sanatorium makes people not to leave it ever. In the overall novel, the mood of this place can be equated to death. The serenity and tranquility it brings to the disturbed souls makes it some ’empire of death’. 




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