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 About the novel 

The literary analysis of Norwegian Wood novel is not just limited to explain what is been said. Rather, this novel offers more from between the lines. 

The story is set in the era of 19602 when Japan was facing the call for revolution and change in social scene. 

Students at Toru Watanabe ( protagonist) are also protesting to abolish the privileged university system. They wanted to get rid of the capitalism structure which is exploiting and destroying students in every possible way. During all this chaos Toru is busy in his own self. The novel express that how ones intense grief could isolate them and detached from the changing surroundings. 

Literary analysis of Norwegian Wood novel: Chapter 4

Toru’s gloomy meaningless life turned to an absolute pessimism at  the beginning of new year at the university. He is enjoying the way his classmates were failing in fighting against the system. Toru has lost his trust in world neither has any hope. He is detached, unanchored, and lonely, which made him stiffed towards the hardships of other people. 

Toru’s absence from the surroundings are so on peak that he was unable to recognise one of his classmate when she met him at a a nearby restaurant. She made him remember her with the additional details of class. It exposed to him that he is so much preoccupied in his own thoughts. 

Midori, his classmate found it pretty attractive  that how he is unconscious with his environment. She did not believe that he is so much unknown to his choices and his contribution to the world. Midori bought his notes as she missed few of her classes, which showed that her impression an inconstant and flaking is totally wrong. As compared to Toru, she is serious about her education. 

Initially, it felt as Midori is so easy to know. As they moved forward, Toru realized that there is so much that he does not know about her. She goes to some hospital, but he did not dig more as he was adrift in himself more. 

Toru’s friendship with Nagasawa was always a question mark in terms of their distinctive approach towards life. Toru, no matter what seems less interested in his future and it is one of his way out from all the worries. 

In the later passages, Toru is sailing in two ships of Midori and Naoko. When he is not with Naoko, he finds attraction in  Midori. When Midori is out of reach, he is immersed in his feelings for Naoko. 

As their friendship grows, they also develop the  ritual of walking across the city. Toru tried to imagine his relationship with Midori in the same way as of with Naoko. He found them both very different. 

When it comes to Midori, she is an open minded and high-spirited girl who shares her personal life with Toru. When Toru and Naoko used to walk around the city, they hardly even talked to each other. 

The Strong Midori 

When Toru visited Midori at her house, he found her as a positive person who embrasses her present and faces her past. She also turned out to be an amazing cook. On the other hand, Toru is uncertain about his life and how to solve his problems due to which he loses the good things.   

When looking at Toru and Naoko, they both are unable to confront the issues in life along with their past. Whereas, Midori openly talks about her past and anything she feels like talking about. She is not shy of being intimate. 

Midori’s perspective of pain is entirely different from Naoko and Toru. She try to understand the other person and what caused them to be so bitter. Just like she faced the brutal attitude of her father. 

Though, Midori is always laughing, making jokes, and appears carefree, she also has this heart which is full of misery. She also goes through the moment of existentialism, where she says that she would want to burn in this fire. Toru assured her that he will be by her side. It highlights that there are some feelings between these two. 

Toru and Midori are drawn to each other even though they are involved with other people. They decided to continue with their friendship. 

It was the liveliness and energy of Midori that Toru is coming back to life. He is now changing himself and giving importance to things around him. 

Toru is also living with the fear that he has not contributed enough in his life or for himself. Thus, once again, he ended up spending night with an unknown woman. At one point, he was trying to solve his problems rather it turned out to be another problem. 

With the events happening in Toru’s life, he is again looking to attain attention from Naoko and Midori at the same time.   



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