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 About the novel 

The literary analysis of Norwegian Wood  is not just limited to explain what is been said. Rather, this novel offers more from between the lines. 

The story is set in the era of 19602 when Japan was facing the call for revolution and change in social scene. 

Students at Toru Watanabe ( protagonist) are also protesting to abolish the privileged university system. They wanted to get rid of the capitalism structure which is exploiting and destroying students in every possible way. During all this chaos Toru is busy in his own self. The novel express that how ones intense grief could isolate them and detached from the changing surroundings. 

Literary analysis of Norwegian Wood: Chapter 3

The meetings between Toru and Naoko are now increasing and they have started to understand each other. Toru observes that she has the same surviving tactic that he has to face the anguish going on inside them. They do not utter a word about Kizuki and do their best to avoid people in the city of Tokyo. 

Spring is turning into summer and they are seeing each other every Sunday. These regular visits have brought them together and Toru develops his emotions for Naoko. Though, he was growing close to her, but many disputed thoughts leaves him perplexed. One that they might lose this swelling relationship and the other is whether Naoko is really looking at Toru or imagining Kizuki’s face in his’?

Toru has this longing of discussing things related to their distractions, detachments, loneliness and segregation. But, Naoko never bring such subjects that could pave ways to open up their heart to each other. Thus, Toru decides not to speak about his feelings as well. 

As the time passses by, Toru began to make friends and allowed people to become a part of his life. His first friend was someone from Tokyo university who has nothing in common with Toru except the literary taste. They both have read same books and enjoys discussing them. As he taking in more people in his circle, he is making sure that he is mot connecting with them emotionally or have a relation that could be meaningful.  

Toru’s friendship with Nagasawa is moving forward, but they are also very dissimilar in terms of their personalities. Toru’s sentiments about Naoko weer not getting the deserving reply, thus, he looked for some peace in one night stands. in real, Toru wanted to convey his emotions to someone who could recognize them and talk to him about his yearnings. Instead of finding that right person, he always bumps into someone he does not really admire. The result of all this confusion comes up that he end up sleeping with women he does not feel any attraction towards. He is doing all of this so that he could neglect and suppress the emerging feeling inside. 

The fall has passed and so did the winter. Toru is amused with himself that despite of all the emotional turmoils, he is able to get through the fresh year of his university.  In Toru’s mind, life experiences has taught him more as compared to what he learned in the university classes. 

The declining part of Toru, Naoko relationship

When Naoko’s 20th birthday came, both of them felt sort of burden over themselves that Kizuki will remain 17 while they are moving forward. On her birthday, the thoughts of remaining teens stays in the heart of Toru, but he is unable to communicate them to Naoko. It is because the two of them hardly discuss their feelings and console each other. It was the reason that the lava of emptions piled inside Naoko and she ended up bursting herself. 

When they finally acted upon their emotions, nothing came out of it. Mainly due to their lack of communication. They were not transmitting their feelings to each other, therefore, something died even before it was born. 

Toru felt anxious that maybe he has violated the lines of Naoko, but he could not bring himself to ask her. The lack of communication made them again ignoring the actual issue. 

All this silent chaos disturbed Toru to focus on his own life. He is troubled in between gaining Naoko’s love and her absence towards him. He resolves to not to increase her difficulties any more. 

After some time, Naoko’s letter came for Toru in which she requested him to not to blame him for whatever happened. Though, Toru wanted to read something else, but he understood that Naoko is not equipped on spending her life in a big city on her own. She also told him that her illness is making it impossible for her to live freely devoid any help. Toru picked the essence of her illness from her letter. 

On the roof of dorm, Toru felt like he is losing Naoko and connected that saddening moment with dying firefly given to him by Storm Trooper. His extinguishing light felt like the one inside Toru. 

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