5 netflix shows based on novels

Whenever we read an amaxing book, it comes to us naturally that how would its cinematic appearence woiuld be. In the recent years Netflix has converetd many well known novels into shows. Some of them are a major hit while, some did not do justice with the expectations. Here are 5 Netflix shows based on novels.

The Queen’s Gambit  

The writer of this novel is Walter Tevis. This is the story of Beth who is an orphan. She comes to live in an orphanage when her mother attempts suicide in a car crash. Luckily, Beth is safe in the car crash. She experienced drugs and the game of chess while living in the orphan. The story revolves around the era of 1950s. Though, she has talent for chess, but she becomes addict to the drugs in order to pass through her abilities. 

Behind Her Eyes 

This psychological thriller will leave your mind boggling when you gets to know the reality. This is the story of a single parent and a psychiatrics, who falls into a relationship. Louise, the secretary comes across her boss David, who is going through the rough patch of his married life. David’s wife Adele becomes aware of their affair and things starts taking another leap. This is a novel by Sarah Pinborough.

The Cook of Castamar

The Cook of Castamar is a Spanish novel by author Fernando J. Munez. The novel was released in 2019 and in 2021, its adaptation was on Netflix. It is set in Spain and the protagonist is the cook named Clara. She falls in love with the Duke of Castamar, Diego. The story contains many interesting political turns, bravery of Clara, cooking secrets of Clara, oppressions of black people and much more. It is a great watch in overall. 

Dash & Lily 

Dash and Lily is a young adult novel by author Rachel Cohn. The overall story is romantic in a very cute way. Lily loves to read and is a bit old school kind of girl. She wants to be with someone who meets her taste and understand her. In quest of this, she left a red notebook in a bookstore with a message, which is found by Dash and interesting events took place. 


The title of this show is is name of protagonist as well. In real, the story is an adaptation from the novel of Elisabet Benavent named En los zapatos de Valeria. It is another Spanish novel and series on Netflix. Valeria is a writer who is going through a writer’s block and unable to create any story. Her friends are always with her in the hard times. During this, she falls in love with her friend’s friend Victor and their secret love story begins. 

These are the 5 Netflix shows based on novels, which are an ideal watch for this weekend. 

Let us know some of your favorites in the comments below. 



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