So far, we have covered the literary analysis of themes and characters from the novel, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. As we move further, here is the literary analysis of plot in A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man.

Literary Analysis of Plot in A Portrait of The Artist as a Young Man

The novel is written in a Bildungsroman genre. In this type of literary genre, the character transforms in a psychological and moral way. The Bildungsroman plot is about the development and
education of the protagonist. The story begins from the Stephen’s childhood to his school life and moves toward youth, where he is encountering with many distinctive emotions plus experience. The financial issues of the family and psychological changes within the mind of Stephen takes him to the brothel and then towards religion.

Literary analysis of Plot: Climax

A plot reaches its climax when the character is about to take some big decision about himself. Just like at one point there was a feeling that Stephen is going to choose the life of priest for himself after repenting of his sins. In reality, the climax actually occurred when he realized his intellectual and took a decision to be an artist. At that time, the things started to move toward resolution and Stephen
finally concluded his decision. This was the time when he got the wings of Daedalus and the resolution happened. The character of protagonist comes across the development from his young age to the adulthood. This can be easily noticed in the Joyce’ novel that how the protagonist has matured spiritually during the course of his
youth to the adolescence. The young Stephen awakens his intellectual and free himself just like the Daedalus.


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