The literary analysis of characters in Emma by Jane Austen describes the personalities of different people who develops an 18th century society. 

The main characters present in the novel are Emma Woodhouse, Mr. Geroge Knightley, Frank Churchill and Jane Fairfax. 

Lets look at the character analysis of these personalities. 

Literary Analysis of Characters in Emma 

Emma Woodhouse 

Emma is the leading character of the novel, which is named after her. She is rich, pretty, and advantageous daughter of ME. Woodhouse. She lives with her father and runs the house in Harfield. Emma’s mother died when she was a child. Emma was looked after by her governess, Mrs. Weston who spoiled her to some extent. In the begining of novel, Emma is represented as the one who thinks high of herself and believes that she perform the best matchmaking. These traits were her personality flaws, which were balanced by her capability of learning from her mistakes. She understands that she has done something wrong and it helps her in becoming kind. Emma wants to stay single in order to have her freedom and enjoy her life. However, in the end, she marries Mr. Knightley. 


Mr. George Knightley 

Mr. Knightley is the brother in law of Emma and one of the most trusted acquaintance of the Woodhouse family. Mr. George belongs to a true heritance, morality, and estate ship. MR. Knightley is always helping someone around him by utilizing his resources. He lives in Donwell Abbey and is very generous in terms of charity. Mr. Knightley is only character who criticizes Emma by highlighting her errors. He also tells her to improve herself. Everyone gives importance to his opinions because he is more indifferent than other characters of the novel.  

Frank Churchill

Frank is the step son of Emma’s governess Mrs. Weston and real son of Mr. Weston. Frank loves Jane, but everyone was considering him the match for Emma. Frank was brought in Enscombe by his uncle and aunt. He is a lively person with free spirit that enhances his charm. On the other hand, he is also a selfish and dishonest, but with the sense of recognizing his faults. He also does not give much importance to Emma’s feelings or behavior towards him. 

Jane Fairfax 

Jane is a very calm and composed character that actually incites the frustration of Emma. She has the feelings of jealousy and appreciation at the same time. She is of Emma’s same age and daughter of Mrs. Bates. Despite of having good appearance and manners, Jane is unable to hold that position just because she does not belong that the elite class. Thus, she has to be married from someone upper class or look for a good employment. Employment was her way to good earnings and better society. Although, her marriage to Frank turns out to be her way out. 

The literary analysis of characters in Emma explains that distinctive personality features were present in the society of Victorian era. People were more the slaves of their man made norms rather than living on the basis of their competency and manners. 



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