The literary analysis of characters in any literature shows the personality attributes that whether they matches with the story or not. 

Fiction is a piece of literature that is in a narrative form. Novel, novella or short stories are the kinds of fiction. There are six elements of fiction, that are character, plot, point of view, setting, style and tone. 

Literary analysis of characters in A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man 

A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man is a well known novel by James Joyce. This novel also contain the elements of fiction. When we look at the element of characters, the major character of the protagonist in the story is Stephen Dedalus. Dedalus is an ideal protagonist with all the qualities of a round character. A round character is the one that possesses a number of traits, having a complex personality, and develops as the story concludes. Stephen seems to have all of these personality traits present in him that makes him a round character.

At the start of story, Stephen appears as a shy and sensitive boy who becomes a brilliant student, accustomed to the social scenario around him and starts understanding it. This was the first development that occurred in the main character of the novel. While moving forward, story shows that the character of Stephen turns from innocent to the impiety one as he goes to the sex worker. That would certainly due to his age, chemical changes within his body plus brain, and a curiosity to attempt the act. A complexity of such level is a crucial factor in the round character.

His nature takes another turn and his attraction towards the religion increases by becoming a devoted Catholic. In Chapter 4, it comes into view that Stephen has understood the real meaning of his life by recognizing his love for the artistic beauty. Here, the character has developed itself out from many phases just like any ideal protagonist.


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