Literary Analysis of Characters in A Portrait of the Artist as a Young man

The literary analysis of characters in any literature shows the personality attributes that whether they matches with the story or not.  Fiction is a piece of literature that is in a narrative form. Novel, novella or short stories are the kinds of fiction. There are six elements of fiction, that are character, plot, point of view, setting, style and tone.  Literary analysis […]

Literary Analysis of Periodical Essay in Augustan Age

The literary analysis of periodical essay is feasible to analyze once we get to know about this niche. The Periodical essay is a piece of nonfiction work. This work used to publish in some journal or magazine and written in a series.  Periodical Essay gained popularity in the 18th century while the notable writers were Richard Steele, Oliver Goldsmith, Joseph Addison […]

Literary analysis of themes in Mill on the Floss: Ignorance

 About the novel  Mill on the Floss is a novel by George Eliot. Before moving to literary analysis of themes in Mill on the Floss, we need to know few vital points. This novel is also believe to be an autobiographical story of George Eliot. Eliot has also faced almost same hardships that character of Maggie went through.    the […]