Literary analysis of character of Kurtz from the Heart of Darkness is important to assess. it is very distinctive in the novel that how everyone talks about the charcter from other charcters. readers do not interact directly with the character of Kurtz till the end.

About the character

In the Heart of Darkness, the character of Kurtz, who is a chief of the Inner Station in colonised Congo, can be seen as a dominating figure while readers get to know him through the word of mouth. In most of the text, the enigmatic character is present from the other characters’ point of view or from the protagonist, Marlow.

Literary analysis of character of Kurtz

while looking at the literary analysis of character of Kurtz. He is someone who has talent, intelligent, and ambitious. He is also as a tyrant, and a demigod who symbolizes the European society. Apart from his capability of leading men, but he is also an orator, musician, painter and writer. The initial aim of Kurtz was to take a journey to the Africa in order to civilise, improvise, and educate the natives. Once in the darkness and wilderness of the Congo forests with no external checks over him. Kurtz transformed into a plunder and a murderer of the natives as an evil genius.

To prove his worth in front of his masters as a ‘first class agent’, he obtained more ivory. Ivory was obtained through his “unsound method” as manager complained. All of the humanitarian motives of Kurtz were left behind and brutality was his only face. The company might be sucking out the Congolese resources in the veil of civilisation. The Kurtz also did not even masked himself behind the good intentions. Marlow commented at one place, “All Europe contributed to the making of Kurtz”.

It was due to his corrupt personality that he was deprived of any social morality. This is why, he was regarded as ‘a hollow man’ too.   

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