themes in pride and prejudice by jane austen

Themes in Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen can be guessed by the storyline of the novel. The class, love, pride and prejudice, marriage is the major themes that can be found throughout the book. The 18th century Austen novel clearly depicts the society of that time and the way it used to treat women during that era.

Theme of Marriage

Though, it is a love story, but the novel also shows us that how there is a disparity amongst genders to choose their partners for marriage. In that time period, people tend to marry those who were of the same social rank and wealth. The character of Mrs Bennet is present in the novel who is always concerned about marrying off her daughters. She is always looking around, finding match for her daughters. She was also worried about finding match who are financially stable and must be a member of upper class. Austen has also mentioned that how women can marry and attain their social position in the Victorian society. Like the character of Charlotte wants to get married for social security and status. Whereas, Elizabeth refuses to give up her freedom in the name of marriage rather wants to go for it only when she truly love someone.

Theme of Gender

One of the themes in Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen is the gender theme. It is very crucial to discuss this theme because this is what the novel’s story is mainly based upon. The Victorian society used to have distinctive options for the genders. Women were barred from certain rights while men allowed having whatever they wanted. As we have seen in the novel that how Bennet sister could have a career because they belong to an upper class. Despite of being born in upper class, they could not have any share from the inheritance. However, their first male cousin will have all the wealth belongs to Mr Bennet, though; he was not a blood brother of Bennet sisters. It was highly unfair for the women to survive on such terms. Likewise, when Lydia eloped with Wickham, it becomes a hideous act that could lead to the bad reputation for all of her sister for a lifetime.

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Themes in Pride and Prejudice: Pride

As we look at the theme of Pride, we can see that how characters are coloured with the presence of this sentiment. The way characters are treating and presenting their attitude towards each other results in committing mistakes. It was due to the Pride that Darcy and Elizabeth were unable to understand their feelings for one another. The social rank of Darcy made him remain intact within his circle and do not give importance to anyone beyond it. Elizabeth was also blinded by her judgmental ability and took pride in it. She thought ill of Darcy while believed Wickham who was liar. Though, the story tells us that when you are morally capable, then you can surmount the negative feeling of Pride just like Darcy and Elizabeth did.

Theme of Prejudice

In the overall novel, we have seen that how characters are judging each other on the basis of their assumptions. The prejudice the Prejudice made them judge others on wrong grounds rather than understanding them for their real selves. Throughout the novel, readers can observe Darcy and Elizabeth very openly about making mistakes due to prejudice. They both were making prejudgment about others and not seeing that fault within themselves. The story also shows that how you can resolve this issue by reasoning and empathy.

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