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I was on my reading spree of classics, when I came across In the Company of Strangers. I picked the novel because I wanted to read something distinctive and geographically relatable. Though, this book offered more than that.

About the Author

Awais Khan is a Lahore based consultant and writer. He polished his writing skills with the Creative Writing course at Faber Academy, London. Awais Khan has also established a school named The Writing Institute. All the aspiring writers can avail this platform to enhance their writing skills. He also assists student’s queries about publishing their work.

Review- In the Company of strangers

While skimming through the blurb, initially, the reader gets an impression that maybe it is another love story that Khan has to offer. Well, there is no intention to be a spoiler here, but one has to be a bit more open if you expect them to review a book.

For me, it was a Plot Twist!

There is no exaggeration and you will agree with me once you pick up the book. The way writer has woven the story and characters with each other have its own quality. As I was progressing through the story and predicts about what will happen next. The story turns out to be entirely opposite and it actually amused me. This is what a reader expects from the writer and an exceptional writer never disappoints.

The Book Cover

A book cover is a face of any book. It is the foremost impression that any reader perceives about the book that they are going to read. The cover of In the Company of Strangers is our personal favourite because of its subtle colour tone, the accurate font, and outlines of Mughal styled buildings.

In the Company of Strangers – The Plus Point

The plus point here (other readers would agree with me) is that Khan has not used any difficult synonyms. This is a common complaint amongst the Pakistani readers that our local authors choose complicated English words. Maybe they want to appear overly learned. The fact is, this practice irritates the reader and they slam the book. Luckily, such jargon is not present in the debut novel of Awais Khan.


It would be unfair if I am not rating this book with 8.5 on the scale of 10. It’s totally worth it!

An Epilogue?

Personally, I would want to know what happened to the lives of characters after a few years. How did they respond to the situations that life has brought to them? Did they stay? Did they leave gracefully? If you have read the book, you can understand my riddles so feasibly.


For all those who are looking to read some modern story set on a Pakistani ground, In the Company of Strangers is the ones for you. Awais Khan takes you behind the closed doors of Lahori mansions. Since it is a commercial novel, you will find glitz, glamour, and gossip all over. Whether in the Meera’s parties or when Ali is planning his secret meetups.
If you enjoy reading tabloids, then this novel is the perfect pick for you. Even if you do not, still this piece will spark your interest.
I wonder if they are going to allow Khan to their parties next time because you never know the boy might be observing us deeply.

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