What is Freedom of Thought?

Stuart Mill Idea of Freedom of thought relies on the fundamental that it is the autonomy that any individual possesses while expressing his point of view or ideas, regardless of the other’s point of view.

Stuart Mill Idea of Freedom of Thought

Mill is focused on the issue that no matter how distinctive or unusual the idea of the other person, no one must restrain them from speaking their mind. Mill thinks that it is illicit to stop someone from expressing their views and will be punished for it. It is indeed very undemocratic when a person you do not respect a person for his opinion. Even the moral values do not allow anyone to censor the words that have some feedback or comment on it.

It is common that people are stopped from expressing an opinion because the guest is not happy with it. For instance, few months back, famous Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra shut a girl during a show when she questioned about war. Priyanka said such thing in one of her Tweets. The management shut her mic over that question. Such censorship is an insult to ‘freedom of thought’ where you cannot express the opinion that is rational yet genuine. Just because the other party wanted to avoid it, the person was silenced for expressing her opinion.

Freedom of Thought must be there!

As Mill has further said that it is not crucial that the point of view would be right just because it was as popular, it must be said out as we believe in the independence of beliefs. One must oppose the opinion because it keeps the spirit of truth alive. If someone is opposing the other party, it proves that the disagreement in viewpoint exists.

It is also noticed that the media also face the harsh censorship when it comes to their unbiased opinion about some political party or mafia. the media is warned not to express such an opinion that could affect the party’s popularity.

Stuart Mill idea of freedom of thought elaborates by explaining that if someone has a different perspective, then they must not exile out of society or charged. Mill has made it clear in his essay that if someone tries to adopt a method. Practically, that could harm the people at large, then the law must interfere. If it is just about voicing thoughts, then there must not be an issue.

Therefore, everyone should respect the diversity of opinion that exists in society as Mill suggested. This is how we can establish a progressive culture with an atmosphere of tolerance and respect.

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