Ismail Al Zaim Abu Al Siba

Despite of his extreme old age, Hajj Ismail Al Zaim Abu Al Siba, serves to the people who visit the Holy mosque of Madinah. The man, ages more than ninety years old and has been serving tea and iftaar to the mosque attendants for almost thirty years. In Islam, such act is considered as the most noble and humane.

What is Hawd-al- Kawthar?

According to the Islamic belief, when the resurrection will take place on the Judgement Day. People will be thirsty in that moment of chaos. At that time, the beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH will be serving the revitalising and chill water from the Pond of Abundance or Hawd-al- Kawthar or Pond of Abundance. Another inference of this Pond is that it encourages Muslims to be aware of the doomsday.

What motivates Hajj Ismail Al Zaim Abu Al Siba?

This is the basis of motivation for this old age to continue to serve people who visit the mosque of the last Prophet Muhammad PBUH in Madinah.

The Prophet will be serving this water to those who truly deserve it. To the people, who have been helpful to the mankind and have not hurt their fellow beings. Certainly, the act of Hajj Ismail shows that how much he loves Allah and his Prophet. His love is the reason that he is focused on achieving the  acceptance of his Lord.

 The dedication of Hajj Isma’il is indeed marvellous and have a lesson for the entire Muslim Ummah about how to spend our lives. There is no doubt that being a follower of Islam, we must serve our time and money in the welfare of the other human beings. Especially, for the youngsters, this figure is an inspiration.

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