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Alamgir Hashmi is a prominent name in Pakistani literature. His poems focus on traditions, cultural aspect, and revolves around old times. Snow is one of his well known poem that is rich, psychologically and in imagination. In the poem ‘Snow’, the poet has mentioned the allusion of Greek chorus, which is an entire topic in itself with the significance in the literature world.

What is Greek Chorus?

Greek chorus was the collective group of individuals in the ancient theatre plays of comedy, tragedy, etc. The chorus members used to conceal their faces and provide a background summary or information about the ongoing performance as a narrator. They also used to do commentary on the actions.

The allusion of Greek Chorus used by poet Alamgir Hashmi in his Pakistani literature poem, Snow, depicts the reality of the people around us. While looking at the society, its inhabitants consider it obligatory to comment on the life of others. No matter if they know the other person or not, they are still going to talk about him around.

Snow alamgir hashmi pakistani literature

Greek chorus as in Pakistani Literature, Snow:

Hashmi has said, “Here people talk like a Greek Chorus”. The presence of ‘like’ here has also given it the properties of simile. Here, the author could be referring to the ‘Gossip Culture’amongst our society as well. He is comparing the act of people with the chorus actors. These were the actors with veiled faces just like the people who speak behind our backs and whom we are unable to recognise.


The title of this famous Pakistani Literature poem also refers to the emotionless and an uncaring attitude of people just like snow. Snow, that is so cold that it turns everything numb. When there is ‘blizzard’ as the poet mentioned, the outcome of this blizzard is destruction. Likewise, the comments of impassive people for no apparent reason can bring destruction to anyone’s life.

The irony is that these people who have no visible identity, remark about others that could turn their peaceful life into a chaos. All this occurs, when they are expecting it the least. As the poet has mentioned these ‘chrysanthemums’ flowers who are present when there was a snow storm. It means the storm happened out of season. This is how, the life of people is affected when they are happy in their moment. Other people shows up and give unnecessary comments that put us into depression.

When poet mentions his father’s grey hairs, he might be telling us that he has seen his father been through this. Also, it is happening since the times of his father that now he is aging, it continues.

Closing Lines of Snow

 In the closing lines of the Pakistani literature poem, the poet, maybe pointing out the fact that this act of people is still permanent. While he is having his breakfast with these thoughts in mind. He is also aware that some unkind, unknown person has talked about him behind his back. It has hurt him to the core that it made his eyes wet.

With the imagery of ‘snow’ in his work, Alamgir Hashmi has described the deeds of people via backbiting in the most cold, cruel and, damaging way. This was the part of society decades ago and it has still continued in our present times.

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