eid decor 2020 in lockdown

With all the current situation, we are still unsure that what will be happening later and about life going back to normal or not. Even if there will be no lockdown make sure that you are not running out of the door compromising everything that you had intact for the last few months. We know that you are concerned about how to do eid décor 2020 in lockdown, but let us tell you that there is nothing to worry about. We have collected some easy ideas for decorating your house during the Eid festival.

Entrance hanging  

This is rather very simple and a cute hanging to be made. You just need a long ribbon of any color or design and make a big bow at one corner. Now you have to make cut outs of the alphabets HAPYY EID either from cardboard sheets or from wood.  These alphabets could be of multicolor or single that is your choice entirely. Stick these letters on the ribbon and now you are good to go. Hang it on your main door or the room entrance to have a happy feeling around since it is unlikely that anyone would visit, but you do not have to feel down.


Pebble hot placemats

Your tables need to have some new items for them as well. This pebble hot mat is an attractive item to be made and, fortunately, it is very feasible to create as well. You just need a few things like a shelf liner, pebble stones, and glue. You can use any old jute table mat as well while cutting it in rounds or any other shape. Place the mat and start sticking stones on it with the help of glue. It is a continuous simple process and you have your pebble mat ready in no time. It is good to place your bowl of Sheer or fancy tea kettle on.


String lanterns

String lanterns look so adorable hanging there with the lights inside them or even without them. The good thing is that you can create them at home easily. They can be even used as a decoration item for your party or simply for the home decoration. So, you need a few balloons, cotton yarn, white glue, scissors, petroleum jelly, and spray paint. Now first, blow balloons in various sizes or any particular size that you require. After that, draw a circle around its knot to identify the bulb hanging. Keep in mind that you need to hang these balloons somewhere so it could be on a rope attached to two chairs or clothespin line. You have to mix the cornstarch, water, and glue together until it is a soft paste. Spread the petroleum jelly all over the balloon. It is the time to dip yarn into the mixture an wrapping it on the balloon. Wrap it around from here to there. You will have to leave it for at least 24 hours so that it will dry up and give the perfect shape. Pop the balloon and remove the excess glue between the strings.

eid decor 2020 in lockdown

Instagram wall

Eid is not just about cooking, sleeping, or doing home; it is mainly about your loved ones. Here, you can create an all novel effect with the photographs of your loved ones by pasting them on the wall. Hanging photo frames have been in fashion every time. At the age of Instagram, why don’t you create a real-time Insta wall on any of your empty walls? You can turn your dining area wall, TV lounge wall, or staircase wall into the photo wall. You just need to check that which wall will look fine as you would need a spacious area. Get the prints of your favorite pictures and stick them closely together on the wall directly one by one. It will turn out to be super fantastic once done.

eid decor 2020 in lockdown

Some of these how to do eid décor 2020 in lockdown ideas are so stress-free that you can get them done without much hassle.

Meanwhile, do not forget to wash your hands, staying at home, and helping the needy ones around you.

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