stay hydrated during ramadan

Ramadan is already here and this is the time that we cannot only revive our bodies but our soul as well. One of the most common questions that many of the people ask if about how to stay hydrated during Ramadan? It is indeed a million dollar question that we all need to be answered for.

Particularly, the month of Ramadan teaches us about discipline in life. We do not only refrain ourselves from eating or drinking but from doing any wrong deeds too. While we fast, it becomes a bit difficult to keep track of your daily intake of water. The habit of drinking water lessens and ends up with the dehydration.

You will be amused to know that there are ways to overcome the problem of dehydration. Here we go with the list of combating dehydration during Ramadan:

Do not take sugar drinks

Most of the people like to consume sugary or carbonated drinks during ifaar time. These drinks may give you a refreshing feeling, but that is temporary plus the amount of sugar in them is very harmful to the fasting body. When you drink a fizzy beverage, it leads to more urination those results in dehydration. Therefore, avoid such type of drinks.

Increase vegetables and fruit intake

Fruits and vegetables are not beneficial in normal days, but they are more important when you are fasting. The vegetables and fruits with more water are other sources of keeping your hydration levels moderate. Fruits like sweet melon, oranges, citrus fruits, mangoes, apple, etc. just like in vegetables, you can take cabbage, cucumber, celery, mint, etc. these vegetables and fruits contain water that keeps your body charged for the long day while secure you from any dehydration.

Decrease your sodium intake

You must lower your salt intake by reducing the daily meals and avoiding the processed food. This will help you in combating the blood pressure issue as well. For the people who have a cardiac problem and they do not want to miss fasting, they must also consult their doctor about cutting down sodium and fast.  

Drink Chia water

Chia seeds are well known for their health benefits. The best thing about them is their water absorption quality. Soaking them in water and consuming in the iftaar time will be a great source of hydration for your body. You can add some flavor of mint or ginger in it so that it will taste distinct.

Proper water routine

No matter how many tips you read by how to stay hydrated during Ramadan, if you are not making a routine of yours, it is of no use. This is why, when you break your fast till the time of suhoor, there should be regular water consumption so that you will not compromise your health.

Make homemade popsicles

It is also the time to dive back into childhood and have those popsicles to overcome your dehydration problem. You can make these popsicles with berry juices, coconut water, cucumber juice, pineapple juice, or any such sort of naturally squeezed juice.

Stop having caffeine

It is certainly a hard thing to ask for a tea or coffee lover, but caffeine actually leaves you dehydrated. Either you shift towards lower caffeine drinks or have them only once in a day.

These are some of the ways through which you can not only take care of your health but your loved ones’ as well during the holy month of Ramadan.

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