Thirteen Reasons Why was indeed a successful novel. The popularity can be assessed with the fact that it was adapted for the series on Netflix.

You Can’t Stop the Future. You Can’t Rewind the Past. The Only Way to Learn the Secret.. is to Press PLAY”!!

This certainly sounds really horrible, but it is the truth. Not everyone lets go of your words or acts like everyone else and brush it off. Psychological damages haunt the lives of many so deeply. Just like it did with Hannah Baker. 

The International Best Selling Debut novel by Jay Asher explains the very extensive side of feelings that someone could go through. 

I was entirely hooked to it till I get to know all the 13 people & what they have to do with Hannah’s suicide. I was angry, heart wrenched, sad & lost in the end. As I got to know that how these people become so mean that they do not care about other person’s feelings. 

What is in the story?

The story of Thirteen Reasons Why takes a lead when the other main character Clay Jensen comes home and finds this package for him. The package contained recorded tapes with a map from his fellow student, Hannah in high school. 

Clay’s life jumps upside down when it reveals to him that these tapes are from Hannah. Hannah has committed suicide a few days back. She recorded those tapes before her death so that she could tell everyone that what were the reasons behind taking such an extreme step,
As the name of this novel suggests, there are thirteen reasons involved related to the thirteen people. They closely perturb the life of Hannah and are responsible for her death. Most of them are from school. 

Hannah is mainly talking about the bully, betrayals, liars, and selfish friends of hers. These friends used to run after social statuses, show-offs and faux relationships instead of valuing the caring, loving, true and honest people. Many of her male and female friends used her too for their own benefits when she was considering them her very good friends. 

Just like that, she has also talked about those who had been nice to her (like Clay). 

Other Characters

Another character named Tony is the one who is not present in the tapes but somehow linked to Hannah. 

Asher has beautifully joined the whole story together with some very valuable lessons that every youngster must keep in mind. 

The scenarios are mostly related to the stories told in the tapes revolving mostly around young age relationship. Once, Hannah gets to do her first kiss with her long time crush Justin Foley, but he came out as a player. 

Then there is a guy named Tyler, whom she had called Peeping Tom because he used to peep her in her room with his camera. This sort of harassed her and made her feel unsafe in her own house. 

A girl named Courtney, who used Hannah for saving her image by being good to everyone. 

The story continues with all these characters who broke Hannah’s heart and lift her trust from every sort of friendship, love, and good deeds. 


The novel faced controversy from the group who thought that Asher has glorified suicide. The society that is already going through many psychological dilemmas cannot afford to have such topics coming on the surface so normally. Netflix also removed the controversial suicidal scene from its episode after a strong reaction from the viewers.

Jay Asher has written this novel with simplicity and has put every sentiment very well in its place. With these qualities, it nowhere leaves you with the thought that this is his first fiction novel ever. 
Not only for the elders, but this is a novel worth reading for the grownups as well. 

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