Kids are at home and they are even done with the gadgets. To engage your kids at home, you need to think the other way round and that is by moving back into time. We used to have quite a productive time back at childhood when there was no technology and manual activities used to keep us busy.

Today is the time that we introduce our children with those activities and engage them in fun things to do. Here are 6 of the activities that you can occupy your child instead of giving them a phone all the time.

Draw the cartoon

Get them any sketchbook or simple paper and ask them to draw their favorite cartoon character. It will not only improves their sketching skills but also tell them about how to revise things until they are perfect. Once they are done with the drawing, ask them to come back and present a cartoon character’s story to you.

Get Creative games

Playing with creative games like Legos, puzzles, blocks, and dough is the way to enhance the kids’ analytical skills. With these games, they are engrossed for hours while building, breaking, and understanding them.

Pick a game box

Since you are also working from home and you have to complete an important task while your child needs a company. You cannot ask your child to leave you alone rather you have to play smartly, that is, by making this “pick a game box” for them. In a box, put their coloring books, comic books, alphabet books, few toys, colors, etc. this way, whenever they will be feeling bored or you have to complete a chunk of work, you can ask them to fetch that box and sit with it.

Ask for their help

Asking for your child’s help actually makes them responsible and helping at the same time. When you involve them, they think that they are important as you trust them with your work. While cooking, ask them to pick vegetables, put things in the fridge, and wash this or that for you. While cleaning, you can ask them to do dusting or water the plants. While washing, ask them to pick dirty clothes from everyone. At mealtimes, ask them to set the table. This will be good for their upbringing.

Gardening with kids

Involve your children in the gardening activity. This way, they will learn to care for plants and it will spike their interest in plantation or greenery. Get them a plant pot to grow a plant of any flower or vegetable. Ask them to water it daily, take care of it, place it in sunlight and get inside in the evening. This will be a new and exciting thing as their activity.   These are the most feasible and fun activities to engage your kids at home when they are done watching with cartoons, playing around aimlessly, and getting bored. This is the time to discipline them too with a simple effort.

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