In the competitive world of technology, the mobile application is the call of time. Every venture whether small or big is rooted to have an iOS or Android application that could reach a wider audience. It is equally crucial for the marketing purpose of your business. Though developing an app is not a great deal, but the strategy that we need for the entire procedure is required to be precise and practical only then it could result in an effective application.

There are two ways towards obtaining a successful application that is either gets it via an integrated development environment that will assist you in designing any software. Through this way the things can be put together, performing a quick test, and release it to the App Store. On the other hand, if you choose to bring a detailed work on the table, then you have to go through tests on various gadgets, check its beta versions, test its practicality and implement distinctive methods. This is the path that will end up with something beneficial.

Here, let’s take a look at the overall cycle of mobile application development, the main idea, and the obstacles that come sideways.

Examining the idea

Just before anything practical, you need to have an idea! An idea that will be the basis of your actions. Just like that when you choose to have an application make sure that you have done enough research about it. Background research is necessary so that you will be aware of its demography, incentives, outcome and potential customers out there. With all these factors, you need to focus on how to obtain consumers, switch them, and convert their loyalty to your digital brand. It is not only the initial step, but it is also critical while laying out the entire plan in front of you. It is also the time when a developer analyzes the market competition.

Sketching the idea

For the understandability of your application, it is a wise decision to do a proper wireframing. When you sketch down everything, it gives you an idea that whether it is going to work out or not. Moreover, it helps in unearthing functioning matters. Not only that you get your steps streamlined with the sketching, but it assists you in collaborating and communicating effectively. The idea will begin making sense with the beginning of wireframing. Here, you are working to turn your idea into an operating application. Your projected features are creating a picture here. A storyboard on the side will establish an understanding of user navigation on your application. Do not forget that you have to design an

Application from the perspective of mobile website and mobile application.

Technical viability evaluation

By this step, you have understood the technicality of your application. It is time to consider the functionality of the application via the back-end system. The technique of Application programming interface is the route to know the feasibility of your application. Due to a number of device formats and iOS or Android software, the application format will need to have distinctive obligations. After this practice, the developers land on different decisions. This is the time for troubleshooting, reviewing, and questioning the method.

Develop an archetype

You cannot come up with the conclusion or identify the loopholes until and unless you get to have a user experience. Having an archetype or prototype makes it feasible for you to comprehend the usability of your mobile application at the fingertips of a user. With this step, the developer can picture a common user. You can also include other patrons in this process. Their feedback could be equally useful as they will take a view of the app, use it, and authenticate the gathered knowledge.


While you will be busy with coding, your user interface designer will work on the look and feel of the app. You just need to inform them about the manner of interaction that you have envisioned for your particular application. Now, this design can get done in a day, an afternoon or more than that. It typically depends on your budget. Your visual direction will provide the end product that has to be novel, attractive, and attentive.


Technically, the development of an application kicks off when the idea is established. In the above step, the archetype is created that endorsed operating, hypothesis, and assisted in the insight of the overall work.

By the time, the development advances, there are various phases through which they have to go through. The application development, although has been standardized and streamlined but is not tested yet. Right now, the app would be full of errors and at this stage; there is no core function present. However, the changes and testing is going alongside during the development phase. Even some of the external users are also invited to test the application.

Another type of application that is constantly changing and the developer has to be alert. In this scenario, the adaptive strategy, gradual development, early placement, and continuous enhancements go on. By dividing a huge application into trivial units, this method can be applied.

Testing phase

During the mobile application development, it is advisable to test it in earlier times. This way, you can reduce the cost in the final stage as there will be lesser bugs in the end. You must plan for the different test cases referring to the main designing.

Testing an application is a broader scale duty; therefore, it must be kept in mind that you have taken all the aspects from every possible direction. The testing includes, practicality, attuning, security, end-user experience, and its functionality. In the test phase, the application is distributed amongst the intended users with the technical questions. When the users pass it through, it is the sign that your application is working. At this stage, you can also put your application for the beta trial as well. This could be done by either reaching out to the new group of “real users” or with the new participants. Beta users are the ones who can provide you with decisive feedback, whether the application is set to release in public or not. They will also guide you if the application is as per the market and user’s standards. There are few websites where you can share your app and get feedback from the registered users. These users could be paid and unpaid, both. During the beta procedure, you need to engage beta users wisely so that they could come up with genuine feedback about your product. If you recruit 500 of the users, it is astonishing to know that there will around 100 only authentic users.

Motivate the testers

The developers need to motivate the users by offering them incentives for improvised apps, including new features, give them access to your products before anyone else and give them a chance to prosper professionally. Furthermore, make sure that you value the response of your beta users by acting on it realistically. 

App Store Optimization

To increase the visibility of any application in the App Store, it is important that its optimization is done so that it appears in front of the users in Search, it gets listed, it can be explored when browsed and the number of organic downloads could be increased. For this purpose, you must have the knowledge and technical expertise of acquiring users plus the organic installation of the app.

Launch of the app!

This is certainly a big day for you as your dream has turned into a reality that you are going to present in front of the world. Before that, you must have fulfilled all the protocols asked by the App Store or Google Play. Your work is not ended until here, but the responsibility increases as you have to progress according to the user’s comments. That way, your mobile application will update as well, which is very crucial in this industry. For maintaining your product and staying in the top list of your users, you must keep it updated with the latest trends.

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