Coronavirus self isolation situation has made everyone to be worried about their hygiene and surroundings. This was the reason that the government and private sectors have decided to work on the work from the home model. However, it is a bit difficult for many to wake and pretend like being in office, certainly because on one side it is a psychological matter as well. It is a common feeling that many of us are going through.

How to work from home effectively?

To cope up with all this scenario, we have come up with the 6 steps to make WFH easy for you and your peers.

Pick a work corner

You must have your own cubicle, room or desk at your workplace. This is the time that you designate a work area for yourself in your home. It could be some other room or some table where you could sit comfortably, do the video conferencing, and go through the brainstorming. Put some of your personal stuff so you can have an office touch in that area. Furthermore, choose a comfortable chair to sit so that you could not hurt your back.

Hand washing

Remember that you are at home because something serious is going out there. Thus, you have to adopt the handwashing habit religiously. Use the products that contain peroxide in them or simply wash your hands with anti-bacterial soap.

Develop a routine

To stay productive, you need to develop a routine that will keep you in the work mode. Your supervisor wants the work as per schedule; therefore, it is crucial that you perform everything as per set schedule. Wake up on time, have your breakfast, sit in your working corner and start doing whatever is your job code. This way, you can stay focused on your office work, plus take out some time for the home chores too. You can set some of your goals as well.

Dress yourself up!

While you do not go to the office in your shorts or pyjamas, then how come you work like this from home? The nature of work is the same, and then you must compromise on appearing professional even in these times. When you wake up and dress crisply in your office attire, you do not feel sluggish or dull while working.

Keep an eye on your surroundings

Being at home also imposes a social responsibility upon you as well. You should be concerned about what is happening around you. Are more than 2 people grouping besides the road? Are your neighbors acting weird with their daily routine? Have they arrived from abroad recently and not observing Coronavirus self isolation? Do you see something suspicious happening in their house, etc. Such activities must be reported to the authorities as a national duty.

Keep your kids busy

It is a common issue while working from home those children want you to be with them. Schools are off and children will be around round the clock with no as such homework or schoolwork.

You can keep them busy by asking them to draw for you, watch some trilogy, do some dancing, learn some new body activity, write a page, play games, make a cartoon USB for them so that they will not spend their time on mobile phones etc. challenge them with some artwork so that they will keep busy physically and mentally.

Remember that we have to face this situation as a warrior while meeting all the precautions. Do not overcrowd any place, wash your hands, and keep yourself and your kid’s hygiene. Try to be more productive in times of crisis and socially connected with each via audio calls, video calls, SMS, email, etc.

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