Are you also following the measure of social distancing while avoiding any risk upon your health? Things must be stagnant for you, no doubt. Even the WFH model does not seem attractive to you anymore, we can feel you, but the safety precautions are needed to be there. To take you out from all this worrisome environment and moments of loneliness, we have compiled a list of some fantastic Netflix shows.

Here are some of the recommendations for you to binge-watch on Netflix while you are having the time of your own at home. So, the list goes like:

Schitt’s Creek

You have a Netflix subscription and you have not watched Schitt’s Creek? You cannot be joking! We die for this series! Produced by Daniel and Eugene Levy, the series stars Annie Murphy, Catherine O’Hara, Emily Hampshire, Sarah Levy and the producers themselves. The last 6 season is streaming these days’ means you have whole 5 seasons with 13 or 14 episodes in each season. The story is about an elite family that has gone bankrupt and left with a gruesome town for them called Schitt’s Creek. The content is marvelous that will make you want for more. Time plays an important role in bringing the whole family together, which was distant from each other earlier.

The Haunting of Hill House

If you are a horror lover, then this series is just for you! What a perfect write-up with all the incidents meeting with each other one by one, you will witness some tension within you as the story climbs. The direction and acting have done amazing justification with the entire plot. The story is about the horror and trauma that the children went through after shifting into this house. It is bought by their parents who wanted to renovate and sell it then, but actually it was haunted in real. With unknown and sudden terrifying scenes, the series is the best horror work so far. After watching, you will be thankful to not to be there in that house.

Sex Education

Certainly, when we are recommending these masterclass series for you to watch during the time of pandemic and self-imposed social distancing, we can ensure that we are offering you the best content. Sex Education is one of the finest content that you could savor during these hard times. With the mind-blowing character sketching, you will get to meet some amazing diverse people. The story revolves around a high school boy named Otis who is on the back foot about showing off or trying out his lovemaking skills. His mom is a sex therapist that helps him in understanding the topic and unwillingly he found himself becoming one himself. What happens next, go check the episodes on Netflix


Originally a Spanish series, it is actually a teen, thriller drama that gains popularity because of its interesting storyline. In this show, there are three middle-class teenagers who got into the top-notch secondary school where the rivalry between them and the high-class students continues. There are 3 seasons of this series that will spike your interest by every passing season. The show comes up with some thought-provoking issues that you would love to be featured like this.


The most controversial name and show to the date released by Netflix so far. The trailer sparked unrest amongst a number of believers and we felt like it will be halted to release, but since the censorship does not work for Netflix, it never happened. The appreciating thing was that the show contained not as such a disputed element rather the story is still unclear whether the person is really someone as Jesus or just an illusionist. All in all, it is a catchy thing to watch if you believe in neutralism and free-thinking. We would suggest you go ahead!

This is our list of the Netflix shows that you can enjoy while experiencing the social distancing. Meanwhile, lets us know if you want to add your favorite series on this list and do not forget to wash hands and staying healthy!

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