In To Kill a Mockingbird, it says:
Shoot All the Blue jays you want, if you can hit ’em, but remember it’s a sin to kill a mocking bird.

A classic novel by Harper Lee that was written 50 years ago

Lee won Pulitzer Prize for this & when you will read it, you’ll get to know Why!

What is in the story?

The story revolves around Atticus Finch (a lawyer) who lives with his two minors, Jem (13 years old) & Scout (nearly 9 years old) in Maycomb, Alabama. Atticus is raising his children alone with a black housemaid whom he highly regards. His parenthood depicts a clear view of how Father raise kids as a lone parent. But, Atticus is a man of value who has taught his children to be peace loving and kind to everyone.

Scout is narrating the story with her perception of a 9 years old when she gets to experience changing behaviors & discrimination of White & Black when Atticus (who is White) chooses to contest a case of a black man Tom who was falsely accused with the rape charges.

The story explains the social injustice & racism that used to exists at that time in American society & surprisingly, it still exists. 

Atticus faced hypocrisy of justice system for his client Tom Robinson, the wrath of the national extremists who tried to harm him & his children, but he advises his children to face it with dignity & morality (something which is very rare these days).

Harper Lee has explained the overall story of To Kill a Mockingbird in such a manner that you feel like being part of every scenario. There is a very simple day to day happening being told in the story and you do not get to know that when do you have learned so much from this book as the end arrives.

The basic idea of the novel is to tell others that how discrimination on the basis of ethnicity, color, and language causes destruction to the generations as it was happening with Tom’s family in this story. Not only with the victims, but such behavior is harmful to society as a whole. Lee explains all this everything from Scout’s point of view to her adult readers.

There are many parts of this book, which are my favorite. for instance, when Scout had her first day in the school and totally hates it.

Another one is when Scout, Jem, and Dill bet to make Boo Radley (One of their mysterious neighbors) coming out of his home.

One scene was when their aunt Alex comes to live with them and both children have to adjust according to her.

The scene of court proceedings is also a very powerful chapter to read, it gives you the idea of being present there yourself and witnessing it.

Along with these, there is a number of events in this book that you will remember forever.

The type of writing

Written in a flow with humor, logic, simplicity & tragedy, Lee proves that she is one of the splendid writers that English Literature has ever received.

The uncomplicated story has a heart-melting effect. You will feel so close to every character and will want to know more about them. 

This book, To Kill a Mockingbird is a recommendation for everyone. Even if you are not a reader type of person! 

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