Messenger marketing has become so essential for any brand that everyone seeks for it in terms of reaching the consumer.  Every other company wants to have one so that they will have good relationships with their consumers. Chatbots are the popular type of message marketing that marketers offer and they are exceptionally quick too.

There are several jobs that these chatbots fulfill, like:

  • They send promotional messages and discount offers to the user or customer. They also move further when a user responds with the Yes or No.
  • These bots also present on many websites so when customers visit, they deal with the queries and complaints.
  • These chatbots are very much helpful in case of any appointment or research survey for the company.

Here, we have collected a list of 4 messenger marketing tools that could do a lot for your brand:


It was just in 2017 when Mobile Monkey begins operating. Even in this short span, it has given a tough competition to its rivals in the market. The positive aspect of this chatbot is that it is feasible to use. If you are a rookie about coding, then do not worry. This tool will assist you with its friendly features. The marketing bot is becoming the favorite of many marketers as it can easily target the audience. MobileMonkey has this ability to grow your network and create numerous chatbots. Unfortunately, this tool does not offer you a live chat option.

Octane AI

The chat automation offer via Facebook is enabled in the Octane AI tool. It was issued in 2016 and the standout feature is its linking possibility with Shopify. It is useful for the users as they can leave their carts filled till they are done with their shopping. Same for the sellers, it offers the option of tracking revenue.  Although the tool is very much helpful for the ventures, it costs $209 that is expensive for small startups. The basic package for such businesses do not have all those professional features that one requires. The account managing feature is very much responsive that any venture wishes to have.


The tool is present in the market since 2015 and not only that it brings you the live chat option, but there is a dashboard that allows you to serve your visitors. Again, this marketing tool does not require you to have any knowledge of coding. It can serve up to a thousand subscribers with its basic plan. There are plenty of options that one can get from this tool such as messages for the campaign, analytics, broadcast, etc. However, you do not get the tag element from it. With the $15 to pay per month for its pro package, it seems like a favorable tool to take start with.

Morph AI

No matter what is the size of your business, you can rely on Morph AI easily. Amongst the messenger marketing tools, this tool has its access to Facebook and website as well. Therefore, you do not have your marketing limited to the one application only. The bot can be trained to engage in responding to a large number of visitors. There are forms offered by Morph AI, which has turned out to be more useful in initiating conversation with the visitors. The users can get the payment in their Messenger easily.

With these marketing tools, it has become easier to run a business online while serving an audience feasibly.

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