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Twitter and Instagram accounts of Facebook got hacked

On the evening of 7th February 2020, the Twitter and Instagram accounts of Facebook were hacked by the group of hackers called OurMine.

We are often told by social media websites to enter strict password securities that are unreachable by any other person. Wonder what measures were picked by Facebook when deciding their Twitter and Instagram passwords.

Not only that the accounts were hacked, but they also left a message that “Even Facebook is hackable”. This line was written on the Instagram and Twitter accounts of Facebook.

On the Twitter account of Facebook, the hacking group wrote, “Hi, We are OurMine. Well, even Facebook is hackable but at least their security is better than Twitter.” Maybe this was the reason that they were unable to hack Facebook.

The group of hackers claimed that their motive behind hacking these significant websites was to show how weak is the security of these online giants. However, the accounts were later restored after some time.

On Instagram, the group posted the photo of the OurMine logo on the accounts of Messenger and Facebook.

There are several accounts were also hacked in January of the US National Football League. These attacks were made possible through the route of the third party website that is Khoros. This was the same pattern that was adopted when the Football league’s accounts were hacked. These companies use Khoros for marketing reasons in order to get connected to the users. Such websites ask to have an access to your passwords and email addresses.

Twitter commented that it has locked the hacked accounts and in contact with Facebook to make them work again. Certainly, it is a moment of concern for these companies to face such a shocking situation.

Khoros, however, has not given any statement on this issue.

The Hackers

OurMine has attacked a number of official accounts of high profile personalities like Sundar Pichai, Jack Dorsey, and Netflix. According to them, their main aim to hack Twitter and Instagram accounts of Facebook is to let users know about how their security could be breached. The Dubai-based group also asks people to avail of its services in case of enhancing security.

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