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Job Opportunities of the Week

There are a number of employers seeking potential candidates for job opportunities. All it takes to reach each other and get clicked.

Here are some of the latest openings around the town that might benefit someone:

  • Nestle Pakistan has opened its Management Trainee Program called LEAD Program. The position is seeking freshly passed graduates who have completed their degree in 2017 to 2020 which is before July 1st.
    this program is hiring in all of the departments like HR, Marketing, Sales, Finance, etc.

It is indeed a great opportunity to work with a highly proficient and well-known brand of the world while learning the skills that will assist in growing.

The deadline to apply is 16th February 2020.

Here is the link: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=I6-jEmmnVEaEf5WPPUefSmv7cnBupl1NhgzOmGJtCZZUNFBXTTg4MkdFTDhHV1JPVFg5TllBTjA5Ni4u&utm_source=empreferral&utm_campaign=PK_2020%20LEAD%20MT

  • Senior Digital Marketing Specialist is required at Rainsoft Financials Pvt. Ltd to be a part of their Digital Marketing Team. If you have got the world experience of two years and got good hands on SEO, then this job is for you.

They required the candidate to have experience plus knowledge of Google Adwords, keyword research, URL structure, link building, CSS, HTML, etc.

The position is Karachi based and the candidate must be Graduate with a positive attitude towards his or her work. It is a morning shift job.

Here is the link to apply: https://www.careerokay.com/Job/job-listings-senior-digital-marketing-specialist-rainsoft-financials-pvt-ltd-94315

  • One of the well organized and gradually growing medical facility centers, the Memon Medical Institute is looking for Cardiac- Cath nurses.

These nurses must possess the Diploma in General Nursing, have generic BSCN or Post RN BSCN. The ideal candidate should have two years of working experience along with the authentic PNC number.

The skilled nurse must be able to do clinical reasoning, can work under stressful conditions, have the evaluation expertise, and communication skills.

The job is full time in Karachi.

The link for the job is: https://www.careerokay.com/Job/job-listings-memon-medical-institute-hospital-registered-nurse-cath-lab–94312

  • Research Analysts in Statistics are required by the local company One Click. They are seeking to recruit experienced and fresher, both.

Candidates with the background of O and A levels are encouraged to apply. It is a plus point if you have done BS or MS in Mathematics, Statistics, and Economics. They should have the research skills present too. Academic research is a necessity so that the writer can work as per the client’s demand.

Writing and editing must be at your fingertips.

Here is the job link: https://www.careerokay.com/Job/job-listings-research-analyst-statistics-one-click-94310

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