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A new decade and new traveling goals! The top 7 travel destinations will assist you out in deciding the best for your next stop.

Not you, but everyone has this goal to travel extensively in the New Year. We know many of you have made a resolution of this new decade, 2020 to see most of this beautiful world. 2020 is going to be very busy with all these activities lined up like World Expo in Dubai and the Summer Olympics in Tokyo. But, what after all this chaos? We all want to relax while sipping a refreshing cocktail and watching a sunset at some faraway destination.

Here we have compiled a list of your next vacation spot. So, here they are:

St. Petersburg, Russia

Alexander Column in front of the Hermitage in St. Petersburg, Russia

The visa restrictions have eased upon those who wish to travel to Russia. Many European residents can now obtain e-visa to many cities that could be for 30 days. The second largest city of Russia, Saint Petersburg is also popular for its white nights. There is no night in midsummer, thus, making it the most favorable time for the tourists to visit the city round the clock. The city is situated near the Neva River and gets most romantic in the winter season.

Galway, Ireland


Positioned on the west coast of Ireland, the Galway is marked as the cultural capital of Europe in 2020. The city is rich with culture, arts, festivals, theatre, and music. On this side of the west coast, there is a harsh wind system while on the east side, there is a cultivation area. A number of international events are going to happen in Galway County’s capital. The artists like Sineard O’Connor and the Pixies are going to attend Galway International Arts Festival and Margaret Atwood will appear on International Women’s Day at the Wild Atlantic Women event.

Asheville, North Carolina


If we say that Asheville is home to many entrepreneurs, then it would not be wrong. Even before this city made the waves, they were already bringing in the local recipes to the public and brewing some of the finest wines. There is an Appalachian food festival called Chow Chow also takes place so if you are a food lover, then visit this place when the festival is happening. Many well-known chefs attend this festival. In Asheville, you will find many drinking, musical and cultural venues.

Caesarea, Israel


Amongst the top 7 travel destinations in 2020, you can also find Israel this time. The best amalgamation of vintage and modernity can be seen at Caesarea. The place was a Roman harbor that is two thousand years old. Alongside the harbor, you can admire the view of Helena Restaurant. You can enjoy the under ocean beauty that contains the columns, Roman breakwaters, cargo, etc at the old Caesarea diving center. You can have the experience of scuba and snorkeling.

La Nouvelle – Caledonie


Present in between the islands of Australia, Fiji, Solomon Islands, and Queensland, the La Nouvelle-Caledonie or New Caledonia is a part of France in the South Pacific. The island voted back in 2018 about staying with France as its part or appears as a separate nation. With the consensus of the surrounding other three islands of Ouvea, Lifou, and Mare, it was resolved to be with the Frenchs for the time. The island promises to offer a wholly unique experience like its pink sunsets and white beaches. There are hardly any crowds around and people do not even know about this place. The place has a population of about one hundred thousand only.

North Island, New Zealand

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From beaches to the geothermal wonders, you find every attraction on the North Islands of New Zealand. Maori culture is the home tradition on this island. You will find many active volcanoes here too. If you choose to explore this fertile land yourself, then it will not disappoint you. The forests are lush green and thick. If you are visiting in April, then a private villa present there will offer wine tasting, picked and brewed from its own vineyard. Tongariro National Park is also a place to visit in North Island, which is declared as the World Heritage Site by UNESCO.


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The most interesting factor about Zambia is that thirty percent of its land is reserved for the national parks. The country is close to nature and visiting it gives you a chance to be near to nature. Lake Tanganyika, the longest freshwater lake, runs half from Zambia has a number of fish species in it. There are several natural parks and resorts present where visitor can mingle with the nature either while observing it or just sitting under it. The Victoria Falls in the Zambezi look breathtaking with many activities to enjoy there.

These top 7 travel destinations are heaven on earth that will enhance your travel experience. You just need to pick one and pack your bags.

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