Hum Style Awards 2020 took place in Karachi at the Expo centre with all its glory. The star-studded night had everyone present from the actors, actresses, models, designers, singers, directors, producers, makeup artists, stylists and you name it!

The sole purpose of these awards is to compliment and recognize the most stylist folks from the industry. The stars who have been successful in impressing others with their style statements. No doubt that the Pakistani fashion industry has moved a way forward in the matters of styling and even reaching out to the international industry.

At the event, every star figure was expected to make waves with some catchy and innovative style of theirs. However, some turned out to be victorious in this while others were unable to excite us with their picks-of-the-event. Well, we will definitely let you know about those celebrities too.

So, here is the list of some uncool dressed celebrities at HSA 2020:

Hania Amir

You might disagree with us, but really that shiny orange coat style long outfit was not a good choice. The shimmery blouse inside was not complimenting the overall attire as well. Amir is often seen trying bold colors and styles that could be saved for later instead of experimenting at this big awards ceremony.

Ahad Raza Mir

Isn’t it like Ahad has worn this suit before too? Maybe he chose to don the same color and style outfit that does not even look distinctive on other occasions. Mir seriously needs to look into his wardrobe if he wants to be included in the list of the stylish celebs. The chocolate boy had the same appearance at Iqra and Yasir’s wedding, duh!

Mahnoor Baloch

Baloch has been always famous amongst the viewers because of her never fading looks. Her fans cherish seeing her with the same beauty. Unfortunately, her chic look was not enhanced well due to the not-so-impressive saree that she wore at Hum Style Awards 2020. It was so Mediocre, in fact! Like her fans, we were shocked too. Sigh!

Ali Xeeshan

We wonder if this bathrobe inspired coat was the idea of fashion from this famous designer. It is not that catchy plus the fabric seems inappropriate for this sort of apparel. We believe what we see. Xeeshan could have done better, no?

Abrar ul Haq

The long detective coat was not so fashionable by the famous Punjabi singer. The black shades were not overall matching up with each other too. It seems like Abrar ul Haq did not hire any stylist at all. Well, if this is the case, then he needs one.

Mansha Pasha

Another coat inspired design that Mansha carried at Hum Style Awards 2020. Though Pasha wears reasonably stylish clothes, but this one could not stir some extraordinary vibes amongst the fashionistas. The four buttoned, side slit, one-sleeved dress in pink color with black net leggings. The Lal Kabootar actress had no accessory on and made flat parted hairs.

It is certainly not necessary every time that you are correct with the choices that you make. It is understandable that people expect more from these celebs when it comes to panache. They look forward to them for wearing something unique in terms of design and style.

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