Earthquakes Turkey: More than 1000 injured & several died

The emergency of earthquakes Turkey erupted in the province of the Eastern side, Elazig. The 6.8 magnitudes of the earthquake hit the country that caused more than 20 citizens at risk while around thousands are injured.

According to Turkish officials, there could be more than 30 people be trapped in the rubbles of collapsed buildings. Rescue teams from the other provinces have been called into the affected sites. The number of 400 rescues teams carrying tents, blankets, and beds with them is reaching towards the Sivrice, the town that is mostly hit by the quake. The teams are offering the rescue work in the extremely cold weather with the help of floodlights where the temperature is going as low as -8. Apart from this, the troops are also available in case of emergency, told Defence Minister Hulusi Akar.

 The nearby areas of Iran, Syria, and Lebanon felt the tremors as well. Whereas, in the province of Elazig, there are at least 16 people have lost their lives and in Malatya, four people have died.

Whereabouts of the affected area

The jolts hit the area of Sivrice that is 550 kilometers away from Ankara, with a population of 4000. The place is a famous tourist destination that is Hazar Lake coming from the Tigris River.

It was 8:55 pm of Turkish time when the earthquake struck. It was a depth of 6.7 kilometers. There have been plenty of aftershocks that counted up to 200.

President of Turkey has responded immediately after the earthquakes Turkey on Twitter saying that we have taken all the measures to make sure that we suffer from the least loss.

Despite all the ice-cold temperatures, the residents have refused to go inside the homes. Some of them are homeless too. These people are now living in sports areas and student hostels. Due to the fear of aftershocks, authorities have warned people to go to damaged homes.

Turkey has also faced two destructive earthquakes back in 1999 when 18 thousand people were killed. This happens as Turkey is present on the two main fault-lines.

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