5 parenting things

We use a lot of the warning phrases with our kids that could count more than just 5 parenting things. These phrases are so common that we do not consider them any harmful. It is certainly because we have been using them for ages and have never paid any attention. The fact is these statements indirectly cause psychological effects over the child and could affect their understanding of life.

Some of the axioms that parents must not use with their kids are:

Being perfect is not everything!

It is normal amongst the parents to pressurize their kids to stand in the first row. They are taught to be first in class, in sports and everywhere. According to the psychologists, the thought of being perfect often results in demotivating the child with his or her hard work. He may think that he is not working enough to achieve a certain things in life. Whereas, we need to teach our kids to work hard to improve themselves and not to feel less of anyone. You will notice that the child has also started feeling satisfied with him.

Do not create panic

Parents feel rushed when their child is trying to do something by himself. They think that it is time wasting or better to do it ourselves and shows the kid about how to do this stuff. It is a totally wrong act. If your child is trying to perform something like tying up her shoes, combing his hairs right, making his school bag, etc, then let them do it on their own pace. Hurrying them up with the process will make them nervous about it and they may give it up. On the other hand, parents can convert it into a game and ask them who will do it first?

We are out of money

Such a statement makes children think about their parent’s financial position. You believe it or not, even if the children do not have any idea about what the finances are, they are mostly going to feel sad about this line. Instead, you need to tell them the other way round that we are saving up money for the better things ahead that are why cannot buy this toy right now. You can also tell them about money management in this case.

Do not go near to strangers

It is indeed a complex idea for a child who is a stranger and who is not. In this rule, they can also go wrong and will not get the assistance of any police or public when in trouble. There is a need to teach children how to react when someone offers them candy or asks them to go somewhere. They also need to be taught about to tell the mommy or daddy when someone scares them or makes them sad. It is critical to keep in mind that most of the abusers or abductors are the known people.

Shall I help?

You do not need to put them in a helping position, especially when they are trying. When you see your child is struggling with some study-related problem or building up some puzzle. Let them do it independently instead of jumping in and solve it for them. This hinders their sense of problem-solving and they will think that they need to be reliant on someone else. Ask them by questioning to do it this way or that way like giving hints.

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